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Where And How To Play Online Casinos In Kenya

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HomenewsThe best teams of English Premier League

The best teams of English Premier League

The English Football League is considered one of the strongest in the world, and the Premier League schedule is the busiest. Teams from England more often than clubs from other national championships play in European tournaments. This is one of the reasons why the English Premier League table remains equal and competitive year after year, and football result are the most unpredictable, which is confirmed by statistics websites. During the season, many clubs fall short of their assigned tasks. As a result of this, the England league table changes like a kaleidoscope. The extremely tough competition of the English Premier League makes it very popular among fans from all over the world.

Throughout the history of the tournament, 24 teams won the champion title at least once, which is evidenced by football results. Leicester City joined this honor group a few years ago, winning the 2015/2016 season. 

The long list of champions is the best argument that supports the thesis that the EPL is one of the top rank leagues in the world. None of the leading European leagues has entered the history textbooks for so many clubs that have won the championship of their country at least once. Moreover, the example of Leicester City proves that there are still new clubs that can rise to the top and enter the pantheon of great teams. Among the top rank teams that have not yet won this title, we can mention the following ones: 

  • Southampton.
  • Queens Park Rangers.
  • West Ham and a number of other teams that have played in the major English leagues in recent years.

Football statistics for fans and betters

20 teams from England and Wales take part in the English Premier League and EPL fixtures are kept in a special standing. They play according to a round-robin pattern. This means that each club plays 38 games – 19 as host and 19 as guest. In addition to competing in English leagues, the best teams in England also compete in :

  • Champions League. 
  • Europa League.
  • Domestic competitions, namely FA Cup and EFL Cup.

 The English Premier League is by far the busiest league in the world. Football stars of the best teams often play over 50 games during a calendar year (including matches for national teams). All the EPL fixture, news, history and a detailed analysis of individual matches can be found on special websites of football statistics. They will allow you to  keep abreast of the latest sports news and not miss out on an important event from the world of football.

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