Powerful Kenyan Politicians Who Were Dumped By Their Beautiful Lovers 

By Prudence Minayo

Love is a beautiful thing until it goes south as Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua can attest. The pain, shame and especially the ridicule from Kenyans makes the breakup even more tormenting. This article takes a look at the powerful Kenyan politicians who were dumped and the probable reasons. 

Alfred Mutua-Machakos Governor

He has been the talk of the town in the recent past and not for his presidential ambitions. Dr Alfred Mutua is a man who is obviously troubled after he was dumped by Lilian Ng’ang’a and promptly replaced by rapper Juliani, a man he considers to be below his social status. And Lilian added more wood to the fire by asserting that she was not legally married to the governor but they were simply long term partners. The governor reacted to this turn of events by transferring shares of their A & L hotel to his sister. He also allegedly broke into her apartment and took her car. 

In a two part interview on the Daily Nation, Lilian told the publication that Mutua was unable to move because she was seeing another man. 

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“I know he is hurt but I have also been hurt in the past, but his weakness is that he is very dismissive, probably because of his position, and he likes to degrade people. 

The reason he is fighting me is because I have said no to him and he cannot take it as he is used to people saying yes to everything he says because they fear him-it is always his way or the highway.

The other thing that is bringing all the drama is because I am with another man. Otherwise, if we would have separated and I was single, he would be alright.”

She went on to state that the governor had promised to buy her a new car, a house, white wedding and money. She declined the generous offers.  

Raphael Tuju-Jubilee Secretary General 

27 years of marriage went up in smoke when former Rarieda MP Raphael Tuju learnt of his wife’s adulterous ways. Ruth Akinyi was in an illicit relationship with the late Tony Ogunda, a GSU officer who Tuju referred to as a ‘mannerless’ jobless young man who she had brought to their matrimonial bed when he was away. Ogunda’s wife, Esther Ogunda, confronted the current Jubilee Party SG and told him that his wife had snatched her husband and was housing him in Ngong.

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Suit papers filed by Tuju through Laichena Mugambi & Company Advocates read in part:

“Sometimes in the year 2011, I learnt that my wife was adulterous and had become very abusive and disrespectful to an extent of playing her adulterous life even at the knowledge of my children and workers. While I was away attending official and business duties, wherein I am mostly required to be out of the country or when I am away in politics, I learnt that my wife had a partner boyfriend who she used to commit adultery with.” 

Odunga was found dead in Tuju’s Nairobi’s Upper Hill area property. 

Akinyi’s privileged lifestyle took a turn for the worse after the divorce was formalised. She now sells chapati, matumbo, fish, liver, beef stew and rice along Mombasa Road. 

Hassan Joho-Mombasa Governor

If controversy was a person then it would have definitely been media personality Betty Kyalo. She has dated a number of high profile personalities including the Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho. The former TV siren told True Love that she decided to end the relationship because of “culture clash and a religious clash”. These reports were contrary to reports carried on the Nairobian. According to the weekly tabloid, Betty wanted Joho to marry her so she could become the first lady of Mombasa. This did not augur well with the governor who applied brakes on the relationship. 

The county chief repossessed the house he had bought her along Lenana Road, a BMW X6 and a Porsche Cayenne, and withdrew monthly upkeep. 


Gideon Mulyungi-Mwingi Central MP 

Mwingi Central MP Gideon Mulyungi was married to former TV siren Doreen Majala for four years. According to Majala, the MP assaulted her leaving her with serious injuries. 

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Mulyungi and his ex-wife agreed to settle the matter out of court. The MP reportedly paid Manjala excess of kes3 million to settle the matter out of court.