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The Top Ten Curviest Politicians In Kenya

On August 8, 2017, a record 22 women were elected as members of parliament. This number added to the 47 woman representatives and a few others who were nominated by their respective parties, means Kenya has a sizeable number of women leaders even as the country works toward adhering to the two-thirds gender rule.

These women leaders have displayed remarkable leadership during their stints in office and have been vocal on the need to have more women holding elective offices and various other leadership positions.

While their job may be to represent, these beautiful and brainy women have not let their guard down when it comes to maintaining their looks and appearances. A number of our pretty Waheshimiwas still turn heads when they walk by. A few others have been criticised for allegedly using their appearances to woo voters.

In this article, WoK lists some of Kenya’s most curvaceous female leaders.

Sabina Chege

The Murang’a Woman Representative is easily among the country’s most beautiful legislators. The curvaceous lawmaker boasts a career in the entertainment industry having featured as a video vixen in songs.

The Top Ten Curviest Politicians In Kenya
Sabina Wanjiru Chege Image/KahawaTungu

Ms Chege is above 40 years old, yet she has managed to keep herself young and still looks stunning.

Millicent Omanga

She entered Kenya’s political arena as a nominated Senator in 2017 but has gone on to establish herself as one of the most popular women leaders in the country. She is seeking to contest the Nairobi Woman Representative seat in the August 9, 2022, general elections on a UDA ticket.

Omanga is easily among Kenya’s prettiest women leaders. Her curvaceous body and cute looks has many men’s mouths drooling for her.

During the UDA National Delegates Convention (NDC), the lawmaker pulled off a couple of dance moves, shaking what “her mama gave her”, as the leaders celebrated the momentous day. She was, however, at the end of criticism, from a section of leaders who claimed that she did wrong.

The Top Ten Curviest Politicians In Kenya
Millicent Omanga. |Courtesy| The Star|

Karen Nyamu

The former Nairobi Senatorial aspirant is among the most beautiful women politicians in Kenya. They call her “Bae wa Nairobi” and for a good reason. Karen won the hearts of many with her charm and confidence.

Her tall and curvy stature definitely turns heads whenever she walks by.

The Top Ten Curviest Politicians In Kenya
Karen Nyamu Image/Courtesy

Esther Passaris

The Nairobi Woman Representative is as beautiful as they come. Her looks and curvaceous body have earned her a place in the hearts of many. She is easily one of the cutest, boldest and most brilliant female politicians that Kenya has been blessed with.

Following the death of her father, the lawmaker shared images of herself at the beach in a swimsuit which sent men tongues-wagging.

The Top Ten Curviest Politicians In Kenya
Esther Passaris/ Courtesy

Cate Waruguru

The Laikipia Woman Representative is beautiful. At one time, she came out to publicly tell men to stop calling her. This is a testament to the lawmaker’s beauty.

She boasts a curvaceous body and thanks to her incredible fashion sense, Waruguru easily appeals to ‘men of culture”.

The Top Ten Curviest Politicians In Kenya
Laikipia Women Rep Cate Waruguru Image/the star

Anne Wanjiku

Anne Wanjiku Kibe is the first female MP for Gatundu North. The former FM radio presenter and producer at Kameme FM is a former nominated MCA in Kiambu County. In the August 8 elections, she beat former area MP Kigo Njenga to clinch the seat.

Wanjiku is arguably among Kenya’s pretty female politicians. If you meet her playing soccer with her constituents in tights or sweat pants, you might think it is the regular “dem was mtaa’.

The Top Ten Curviest Politicians In Kenya
Anne Wanjiku Kibe/ Courtesy

Jessica Mbalu

The Kibwezi East member of parliament makes the list of Kenya’s curvaceous lawmakers. The former part-time lecturer at Catholic University is a beautiful face and can turn heads when she walks by.

There are several images of the lawmaker in a bikini and others while enjoying herself in an entertainment joint that can have you drooling.

The Top Ten Curviest Politicians In Kenya
Jessica Mbalu/Courtesy

Rehema Dida Jaldesa

The Isiolo County Woman Representative is arguably one of the most beautiful politicians in the country. She boasts a pretty face and curvaceous body. While she may wear bui buis almost all the time, her curves still make their presence known.

The Top Ten Curviest Politicians In Kenya
Rehema Dida Jaldesa/Courtesy

Fatuma Gedi

She is the woman representative for Wajir County. The woman rep easily makes the cut among Kenya’s curvaceous politicians. She too dons the bui bui while in public, but blessed is she that her curves can still be spotted beyond the attire.

Gedi is among the country’s most beautiful leaders and is never shy of tackling matters head-on.

The Top Ten Curviest Politicians In Kenya
Fatuma Gedi/Courtesy

Mishi Mboko

She is the woman Representative for Mombasa County. The vocal lawmaker is easily among the curviest Kenyan politicians and checks the box of pretty faces as well.

The Top Ten Curviest Politicians In Kenya
Mishi Mboko/ Courtesy