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TID: Hilarious Tanzanian Musician Entertaining Kenyans 

Singer TID has gone viral on TikTok. Photo/X.

Tanzanian artist Mohammed Khalid, popularly known as TID has broken the internet with his hilarious interview.

Kenyans have used it to create dozens of TikTok videos.

In the audio, he is giving an interview and reprimands a motorbike person who passed by finishing by shouting he hates him.

TID performed in Kenya and was on Churchill Show in 2019 where he performed the song Umeniroga. 

Here is his bio according to WoK.


Born in 1981, TID is an acronym for the words Top in Dar (Dar being the short form of Dar es Salaam). 


The artist ventured into music in 1994 when he would sing with a group called Black Gangsters.

Later, he pursued a solo career and at the age of 21 signed with the label, Poa Records.

His first hit single was called Mrembo and he has gone on to release several songs including Nyota Yako, Siamini, We Dada, Kiuno and Zeze.

Zeze was a hit beyond the borders of Tanzania and was included in the Global Soul Compilation by Putumayo World Music.

TID also revealed that he wrote the song while in high school before he came to be known as TID.

Talking to East Africa TV on 29th March 2024, he revealed that if an artist wanted them to re-do the song Zeze together, he would have to part with 500 Million Tanzanian Shillings. 

Apart from music, he played a major role in the film Girlfriend, which was a film capturing the Bongo flava scene. 


His music has won him several accolades including: 

  • 2003 Tanzania Music Awards for Best Male Artist and Best R&B singer. 
  • 2005 Kisima Music Awards for Best Artist/ Group from Tanzania 
  • 2008 Kisima Music Awards for Video of the Year from Tanzania owing to the song Nyota Yako. 


He was sentenced for assault but released months later in 2008.

In 2010, rumours circulated that he had been assaulted by a basketball player at a nightclub in Tanzania.

Although he was in the cub, he and his manager rubbished these allegations.