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Top 5 Mid-Budget and Luxury Rental Cars for a Family of 5

Whether on a long journey or for short trips, every family deserves to move around in comfort and style. 

However, the decision as to which car you should get does not have to mean bankrupting yourself. So worry not. There are some mid-budget deluxe cars that you can rent at modest prices.

Furthermore, these are cars whose technology is geared towards giving you an efficient ride and good fuel economy.

Also, the cars in this list are equipped with incredible safety features to ensure that they are always safe when traveling. 

These vehicles also score highly in terms of comfort and are the products of some of the world’s most renowned automotive brands.

The fact that they are easy on the eye doesn’t hurt either!

Here are five mid-budget luxury cars suitable for your family of five.


The Toyota RAV4 is among the most popular SUVs in the market today. It is one of the more dynamic mid-budget rentals that offer a lot of variety as far as specifications are concerned.

Top 5 Mid-Budget and Luxury Rental Cars for a Family of 5
File image of a Toyota Rav 4. |Photo| Courtesy|

The Japanese automaker offers this highly utilitarian car under various trims. 

There is the LE, XLE, and the XLE Premium. On the top end of the spectrum is the Toyota RAV4 Adventure, TRD Off-Road. And Limited trims. 

The car comes bearing a four-cylinder 203 horsepower engine which works with automatic transmission. 

The vehicle is available in both Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) and All-Wheel Drive (AWD) drivetrains. When renting these models, it is always best to choose the drivetrain suited to your family’s needs depending on the roads you will be using. 

One of the most attractive features of the RAV4 is its fuel economy. On average, the vehicle consumes 6 L/ 100Km. With its spacious interior and generous cargo space, this five-seater delivers value for money.

In addition, the car’s design has constantly evolved and has, in recent years, had an active lane control system and automatic braking system included.

Other staples that avail you of a comfortable ride on long drives include adaptive cruise control. It is a convenience and safety feature that provides an effortless driving experience while aiding you in keeping your distance from the car ahead.  


While Subaru has had a legacy of producing playful and sporty cars, it has ditched this image when designing the austere Subaru Forester.

The car comes with a soft yet stylish exterior and better ground clearance than its sibling, the Toyota Outback.

Also, unlike the Outback, which appeals to station wagon enthusiasts, the Subaru Forester is a mid-budget SUV capable of conquering dirt roads with ease.

Top 5 Mid-Budget and Luxury Rental Cars for a Family of 5
File image of a Subaru Forester. |Photo| Courtesy|

The Subaru Forester also presents you with a better interior and robust safety features.

Compared to some of its siblings, the Subaru Forester has a good fuel economy with average fuel consumption standing at just 8.5 L/ 100Km.

It is also one of the cars with the fewest transmission or engine issues. Also, its engine is available in four variants, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

The safety measures included in this car include Subaru’s Rear Vehicle Detection (SRVD), which features a cluster of dedicated sensors that issue blind spot warnings. These come in handy when parking, reversing, or changing lanes. 

Turning to the overall driving experience, the Forester has a lower center of gravity than other cars in its class. Consequently, it is capable of rendering smooth rides and minimal body roll even on city roads. 


The 2.0 turbocharged Mercedes Benz GLA boasts a 221 horsepower engine and is a car that appeals to mature clientele.

Top 5 Mid-Budget and Luxury Rental Cars for a Family of 5
File image of a Mercedes Benz GLA |Photo| Courtesy|

It also comes with a fine-tuned suspension system, thus assuring you of a comfy ride. 

Despite this improved suspension, the GLA has an excellent grasp of corners, crisp steering, and overall, offers an enjoyable driving experience.

Compared to its maiden models, the current GLA has a significantly raised driver’s seat, which provides more significant space and more comfortable accommodation for the drive.

4. BMW X1

As far as aesthetics go, BMW cars have consistently held firm with their elegant exteriors and sophisticated interior designs.

The BMW tradition of making top-performing powerful vehicles continues to be exemplified by the BMW X1.

Its 2-Liter four-cylinder engine delivers 228 horsepower working alongside an automatic transmission with an optional manual shift mode.

You can see the precision for which BMW cars are known from the clear-cut and neat way the vehicle handles bends and road twists.   

Top 5 Mid-Budget and Luxury Rental Cars for a Family of 5
File image of a BMW X1. |Photo| Courtesy|

As far as the car’s interior is concerned, its organized cluster of gauges is informative yet easy to read at a glance. 

Its dash features a SiriusXM satellite radio and a standard 8.8 infotainment screen. However, you have the option of paying a little more for an upgraded 10.25-inch screen that comes loaded with extras, including a satellite navigation system.

The cargo space is roomy, with fantastic chrome trim.

On the safety front, the X1 comes with lane departure warning and forward collision warning systems. 


The BMW 3 lineup features a range of sedans with different specifications for its sophisticated clientele. 

The variety associated with the BMW 3 series begins with the array of engines the cars offer. These range from petrol to diesel and hybrid engines. 

In the petrol engine department, you can have a 2.0-liter petrol engine with 154 brake horsepower. That is what is carried by the 318i. 

Other alternatives include the 320i and the 330i with 182 brake horsepower and 254 brake horsepower, respectively. There is also the 340i with 369 brake horsepower.

In short, there are a variety of specifications to suit your motoring goals. 

Top 5 Mid-Budget and Luxury Rental Cars for a Family of 5
File image of a BMW 3 Series. |Photo| Courtesy|