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Top Affordable Cars To Buy in Kenya Under Kes1 million

By Prudence Minayo

More Kenyans are looking to buy affordable cars, under Kshs 1 million, especially first time buyers. There are dozens of car models and brands in Kenya that are mostly imported from Japan and the European market. When looking for affordable cars to buy, one needs to look at things like: fuel economy, interior space, engine power and availability of spare parts. 

Toyota IST  2004 to 2006

This is one of the most reliable cars on Kenyans roads that you can get for kes 500,000. The 1300cc engine is readily available in Kenya and averages fuel consumption of 11.5 kilometers per liter. A wide front grille consisting of two thick horizontal bars, large 15-inch tires, and extended wheel arches gave the car its unique and dynamic exterior styling. 

Toyota Premio 240

They are very reliable and cost between kes550,000 to kes750,000. The 2.0l option was discontinued in July 2020. Fuel consumption figures for the 1.5l models were improved to 18km per liter and the 1.8l models were improved to 17 km per liter. It makes for a nice family car. 

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Mercedes Benz W202

The vehicle is classy and doesn’t break down easily. Their safety ratings are high. The triple one engine cars are very good and reliable and rarely break down. It could go for about kes 700,000 or less depending on where one buys it. 

The Honda Fit Hybrid 

The car costs about kes400,000  but the duty on the car is very high. The car is reliable and relatively comfortable. So many Kenyans are now buying the Honda Hybrid. The Honda Fit gets efficiency of up to 8.1l/100km in the city, 6.4L/100km on the highway and 7.3L/100km over an average day.  It has a 1300cc and 1500cc powered engine. 

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Mazda Demio 

It is available in 1.3l petrol and 1.5l Skyactiv diesel engine. The 1.5l diesel is very high powered. The car was re-designed by Mazda and they increased the compression ratio. The interior is classic with a center console that has enough controls.  It can start from Kes950,000. 

Suzuki Swift 

It comes with a 1.2l, 1.4l and 1.6l.. The spare parts are readily available but a bit pricier. The ground clearance is, however, low. The steering wheel is amazing and comes with multimedia controls. The 1.2l is not as good as the 1.6 since some users  say it is sluggish. Costs can range between kes800,000 to kes950,000. 

Toyota bB

The interior of the car looks amazing but most Kenyans are not in love with the exterior. The car comes with a 1300 and 1500cc engine. The 1500cc takes about 28 to 20 km per liter. One can get the car for less than 800k. 

Toyota Passo

It is available in 1.0l and 1.3l. It has amazing fuel economy. For the 1.0l, it takes 25km per liter. Passo is a small town car that is proper for urban living. The spares are available and the resale value is amazing. The car goes for at most kes700,000. 

Nissan Note

Nissan Note is available in 1.2 naturally aspirated engine and 1.2 supercharged. The supercharged one has more power. The interior looks good with a lot of legroom. It costs between kes750,000 to kes950,000.  The car has enjoyed high levels of success but one has to be really careful as some Nissan Note cars have been an absolute fail.

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