Top Kenyan Celebrities Without Makeup

Top Kenyan Celebrities Without Makeup
From left: Azziad Nasenya, Avril, and Julie Gichuru. |Photos| Courtesy|

Kenya boasts a bevy of beautiful celebrities who have endeared themselves to the hearts of many as fan-favourites thanks to their incredible appearances. These celebrities don expensive designer outfits among other ornaments that make them extremely attractive.

In this article, WoK takes a look at some of Kenya’s beloved celebrities, dissecting their looks and appearances with or without makeup.

Azziad Nasenya

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The media personality rose to fame thanks to her dance videos on Tik Tok. She blew up in Kenya after she did a dance for the song ‘Utawezana’ by Femi One featuring Mejja, eliciting a debate as to whether she rose to fame because of it, or did the song become a hit because of her dance video.

Top Kenyan Celebrities Without Makeup
Azziad Nasenya/Courtesy

Azziad is considered by many as one of the prettiest celebrities in Kenya and at just 23 years old, she is on the come up and is already a darling to many. She has featured in television shows and bagged endorsement deals with various brands.

The celebrity often never steps out without her makeup and in the videos and images shared of her without makeup, she looks unrecognisable.


Judith Nyambura Mwangi popularly known as Avril is one Kenyan artiste that can get men drooling whenever she passes. Her pretty face combined with a curvaceous body makes the celebrated media personality irresistible to many.

However, with the great physical appearance that comes with our beloved singer, makeup takes up a sizeable percentage of credit. Images of Avril that have popped up online of her without makeup revealed a spotted forehead, which often requires makeup to even out her beauty.

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Top Kenyan Celebrities Without Makeup
Avril/ Courtesy

Betty Kyalo

Thanks to her glaring appearances on television, and through posts on social media, Betty has endeared herself to the hearts of her fans and commands a relatively huge following. She is also an entrepreneur and has since turned her fans into customers through her Flair by Betty brands which include a salon, barbershop, spa, among other services.

The renowned media personality is considered one of the prettiest celebrities in Kenya. Betty Kyalo, regardless of whether she has makeup or not, is very pretty.

Top Kenyan Celebrities Without Makeup
Betty Kyalo/ Courtesy

Julie Gichuru

The veteran journalist is without a doubt one of the hottest Kenyan celebrities. The former Citizen TV news anchor looks stunning with or without makeup.

Her natural light skin, pretty face, and beautifully shaped body makes her a darling to many.

Top Kenyan Celebrities Without Makeup
Julie Gichuru/ Courtesy

Janet Mbugua

The award-winning media personality is beautiful, and can easily turn heads wherever she goes. Despite quitting television and becoming a mother, she has not for a second stopped looking georgeous.

With or without makeup, she looks stunning and there is no notable difference from the way she looks without makeup. Janet Mbugua without makeup is a true definition of beauty.

Top Kenyan Celebrities Without Makeup
Janet Mbugua/ Courtesy

Huddah Monroe

The socialite is among the prettiest media celebrities in the country. She is famed for her pretty looks and envious body. In her line of work, looks are everything, and Huddah does not hesitate when it comes to looking gorgeous.

With or without makeup, Huddah is beautiful.

Top Kenyan Celebrities Without Makeup
Huddah Monroe/ Courtesy

Lilian Muli

The Citizen TV news anchor is easily among the most admired celebrities in the country. Her amazing appearance on national television has earned her a huge following and a place in the hearts of many admirers.

Lilian is naturally beautiful, without or without makeup, it is hard to spot a difference in her looks.

Top Kenyan Celebrities Without Makeup
Lilian Muli/ Courtesy

Risper Faith

The socialite, video vixen and entrepreneur rose to fame thanks to her curvaceous body which drove both men and women crazy. Faith is very beautiful when she has her makeup done. However, she looks different when she has none.

Corazon Kwamboka

She is one of the highest rated socialites in Kenya and is in the league of Huddah Monroe and Vera Sidika. She has a curvaceous body that is coveted by both men and women a like.

Corazon is a model and is a brand ambassador for various products. Her stunning look on photoshoots and in videos is completed by a touch of makeup.

Top Kenyan Celebrities Without Makeup
Corazon Kwamboka/ Courtesy
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