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Top Ten Best Nyama Choma Joints In Nairobi

By Isaac Blessings

Nothing strikes better than visiting a place and enjoying your favorite meal with family or friends. All countries have their cuisines and signature foods. Kenya is known worldwide for its uniquely prepared barbecue famously known as Nyama Choma. With the rise of many Nyama Choma joints in Nairobi and its environs, it may be hard to identify where to get the best, tender, finger licking and most affordable nyama choma. But worry no more because in this article, we highlight some of the best Nyama Choma joints in Nairobi.

Njuguna’s Place

This is arguably the most popular Nyama Choma joint in Kenya. If you want to experience tasty and well-grilled Nyama Choma accompanied with a drink of your choice, then this is a place you should definitely try. Their meat is fresh and of good quality at a really affordable price. Even the celebrities and politicians usually frequent this place to have their taste of true Kenyan Nyama Choma. They have safe and ample parking so you don’t have to worry about your car. If you are visiting Kenya then this is a place that will give you a taste of what Kenya has to offer in terms of food.


It is located in Wetlands along Waiyaki way just a few meters from Safaricom House. The place is a 20 minutes’ drive from Nairobi Central Business District.


Call 0722738364 for any reservations.

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Jiweke Tarven

Jiweke Tarven is one of the restaurants that offer some of the juiciest Nyama Choma in Nairobi. Meat lovers usually meet here to have a taste of goat or pork meat as they enjoy their beer. On weekends, the place is usually packed with a lot of activities taking place and people generally having a good time. The quality and quantity of the food is great and the prices are pocket friendly. The restaurant’s ambiance is captivating and has a separate space built for kids. The place is open every day from 8.00am to 12.00pm and has enough parking.


The place is located along Ngong road just 4.2 Kilometers from Nairobi Central Business District.


0728333985 for any reservations.

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Carnivore Simba Salon

Carnivore Simba Salon is known worldwide for its delicious and well-prepared Nyama Choma that will leave you craving for more. The restaurant offers pork, beef, chicken, crocodile and ostrich meat that is well prepared by the highly qualified chefs. The Nyama Choma is roasted using traditional Maasai swords over a charcoal jiko giving the meat a natural, delicious taste. The Nyama Choma is brought in trays by the beautiful and ever-smiling waitresses until you signal them that you have had enough by lowering the white-colored flag, which is placed at your central tray. Although the prices are slightly expensive, the experience is one that will live in your head for the years.


It is located in Langata, Nairobi.


Call 0205141300

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Ole Polos Country Club

Ole Polos Country Club is one of the most famous and widely known Nyama Choma joints in Nairobi. The place serves grilled meat ranging from lamb, chicken, beef and goat. The place is a favorite spot for people who want to escape from the rat-race of the city and just sit down and relax. Nyama choma is usually served with ugali, fries, greens or kachumbari depending on the client’s tastes and preference.

The restaurant has an amazing clean swimming pool where you can relax in the water since it can be very hot in that place. You can also enjoy the spectacular and fascinating views of the Maasai plains and Ngong hills in the background from afar.


It is located in Kiserian Olepolos road, Kajiado County. Some 18 Kilometers from Nairobi Central Business District.


Call 0714032122 for any queries.

Kifaru Place

The amazing ambiance, artworks and welcoming lights are what makes Kifaru Place a cool place to enjoy your Nyama Choma with friends, colleagues or family. They offer one of the juiciest yet affordable grilled meat you can find around Nairobi. The place is spacious and offers the right privacy to take someone on a date or discuss business plans as you enjoy your favorite meals. There is ample parking and tight security 24/7. This is one destination that you should definitely find time to visit.

It is open every day from 8.00am to 6.00pm


Located along Mombasa Road just opposite to Next Gen Mall.


Call 0706796674 for any reservations.

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Club 034

The plane was turned into a restaurant is one of the most famous and iconic places in Kitengela. Research indicates that only 5% of the world’s population has ever flown on a plane, but here is a chance to sit in the first class of a Boeing and enjoy the tasty and finger-licking nyama choma prepared by the talented chefs. It is a favorite spot mostly on weekends where people flock to watch football, have drinks and enjoy the amazing food Club 034 has to offer. It has ample parking so you don’t have to worry about your car. The place is famously referred to as ‘The Pride of Kajiado.’


It is located in Kitengela, Kajiado County.


0722519669 for any inquiries.


If you live around Nairobi, chances are high that you have heard of Kamaki’s. The place came and hit like a wave with all Nyama Choma junkies flocking to have a taste of the meals offered. It is named after the founder one Murigi wa Kamaki although the place has different vendors with different names selling different types of meats. Kamaki’s is a general name for the whole place but there is still the original Kamaki’s restaurant in the place. You can visit here and enjoy their Nyama Choma served with hot Ugali and Kachumbari.


It is located along Eastern Bypass – Ruiru, Kiambu County.

The place is open every day from 8.00am to 10.00pm.

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The Road House Grill 

This facility is known for its mouthwatering Nyama Choma you can find around Nairobi. From birthday parties to anniversaries celebrations, this place has brought many Nairobians together. The place is usually busy and sometimes the parking might be full although you can still park on the roadside. The activities and the number of visitors here goes to show how Nairobians appreciate their meals. The parking gets full by 5.30pm so you’ll have to get there earlier to secure your space. The place is usually open on Mondays to Saturdays from 8.00am to 11.00pm.


It is located along Denis Pritt Road, Kilimani area of Nairobi. Just a few meters from Citizen TV station headquarters.

It has three other branches in Upper hill, Karen and Hurlingham.


Call 0720768663 for any enquiries.

Nyumbani Restaurant

If you love quiet and peaceful places, then Nyumbani Restaurant is your go-to place. The once residential home restaurant serves the best Nyama Choma served with a side of Ugali, Kachumbari or Traditional veggies. It offers quality meat at pocket-friendly prices that makes it one of the most highly recommended eateries in Nairobi. The place is open every day from 8.00am to 10.00pm


It is located along Diani Road, Nairobi.


Call 0741119972 for any reservations.

GMC Kitengela

This is a perfect place for a family getaway maybe on Saturday or Sunday. It is like Disneyland in Kenya – fully equipped with kids games, a swimming pool, meeting rooms and above all, the delicious African Nyama Choma. They have a wide variety of options in their menu so you can definitely choose according to your tastes and preferences. Also, you can sit in the outdoor setting and watch the sun go down in the evening as you toast your glass of wine and a bite of Nyama Choma.


It is located along Namanga Road, just after the Acacia Junction.


Call 0700750750 to make any enquiries or reservations.