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Top Ten Cutest Celebrity Couples in Kenya 

Celebrity couples have been making headlines for both good and bad reasons. Scandals of cheating and betrayal have been making good fodder for bloggers. The recent public spat between Amber Ray and Amira, both married to Jamal Roho Safi, was entertaining and sad at the same time. But other couples have maintained a respectful relationship even when one is accused of philandering. Some of these couples are both business and life partners. This article takes a look at the top ten cutest celebrity couples in Kenya. 

Top Ten Cutest Celebrity Couples in Kenya 
Kabi waJesus And Milly Image/Courtesy

Kabi and Milly Wa Jesus

By now, most Kenyans already know Kabi and Milly Wa Jesus. They are YouTubers who started from scratch and are now one of the most followed couples in town. The two often rock matching outfits and celebrate each other with style and lavish gifts. Recently, when it was proven that Kabi had fathered a child with his own cousin, Milly stood by her husband amidst all the nasty comments and public outrage. 

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Top Ten Cutest Celebrity Couples in Kenya 
Diana And Bahati Image/Courtesy

Bahati and Diana Marua

Singer Bahati and Diana Marua have been together for years now. At the beginning, people accused Diana of being with Bahati for his money since she was older than the singer. They thought it was just an attraction based on what the award winning artist was bringing on the table. However, years later the two are still together and are blessed with two children of their own and one more from Bahati’s previous relationship. They too are known for surprising each other with lavish gifts and treating themselves to amazing holiday destinations. 

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Top Ten Cutest Celebrity Couples in Kenya 
Wahu And Nameless Image/Courtesy

Nameless and Wahu

The two celebrity couples got married in 2005 and have been together since then. Nameless is often referred to as the godfather of today’s contemporary music. He has won a number of awards and so has his wife Wahu who is equally a gifted singer. When most celebrity marriages end in divorce within a short time, theirs has stood the test of time. Of course, in a previous interview they said they too have problems but have found a way of peacefully resolving them.

Top Ten Cutest Celebrity Couples in Kenya 
Njugush And Wakavinye Image/Courtesy

Njugush (Timothy Kimani) and Wakavinye (Celestine Ndinda)

The couple have been together since they met while studying at Kenya Institute of Mass Communication. They had a difficult life before Njugush became a well known actor and comedian. In fact, they started their YouTube channel at a time when life had really become hard. Today, they are one of the biggest YouTubers and live the life of the rich and famous, atleast by Kenyan standards. They have an amazing chemistry and are not one of those couples known to flaunt their love online or even show a flashy lifestyle. One thing that is for sure is that they are amazing life partners and business partners as well.

Top Ten Cutest Celebrity Couples in Kenya 
Phillip Karanja And Catherine Kamau Image/Courtesy

Philip and Catherine Karanja

The two came into the limelight while acting in two separate popular Citizen TV dramas programes. Catherine acted as Selina in Mother-in-law while Philip as Melvin in Tahidi High. They became properly acquainted when Philip got the chance to direct Mother-in-law. At first, Cate admitted that Philip was not really impressed by her actions and often saw her as a wild child. However, with time a friendship grew between them which later blossomed to love. They are blessed with two children, a son whom Cate got from a previous love interest and a daughter they have together.

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Top Ten Cutest Celebrity Couples in Kenya 
Size 8 And DJ Mo Image/Courtesy

Size 8 and DJ Mo

Size 8 was a popular secular artist before she found Christ and joined the gospel industry. DJ Mo on the other hand became famous after participating in the Pilsner Mfalme DJ competition and making it to the finals. He grew to become a popular DJ and worked for one of the biggest media houses in the country. The two are blessed with two children and continue to stand with each other as partners. They have a YouTube channel known as The Murayas where they keep on serving people with couple goals. 

Top Ten Cutest Celebrity Couples in Kenya 
Milly Chebby And Terence Image/Courtesy

Milly Chebby and Terence Creative

The two met while working behind the scenes on the Churchill show. They then got married and have a cute daughter. Both have different YouTube channels with Terrence channel majoring on comedy while Milly’s focus is on cooking. They too have had some difficult times in their marriage but managed to get through it. Terrence has always been a huge supporter of his wife and has always appreciated her and rebuked those who body shame her by calling her too fat and even likening her to a hippopotamus.

Top Ten Cutest Celebrity Couples in Kenya 
Rashid Abdalla And Lulu Hassan Image/Courtesy

Lulu Hassan and Rashid Abdalla 

They are one of the most famous celebrity couples in the country. In fact, they became the first married couple in Kenya to anchor news together at the same station. They both present the Swahili news on Citizen TV at 7:00pm. At times, they are spotted presenting the news while rocking matching outfits. Together, they own a production company that has produced some of the best programs in Kenya including Maria and Zora. 

Top Ten Cutest Celebrity Couples in Kenya 
Abel and Judy Nyawira Image/Courtesy

Abel Mutua and Judy Nyawira

Abel was an actor at Tahidi High before progressing to become  the script writer for both Tahidi High and Mother-in-law. Over the years, he has worked in so many shows, like, Real Househelps of Kawangware and Sue na Johnny. He co-owns Phil-lit production with Philip Karanja and Bob. Njugush has always hailed him for being the man who helped propel him to the limelight. Judy is Mutua’s manager who has worked behind the scenes in a number of shows including Nairobi Half Life and Shamba Shape-UP. The two have been together since Abel was part of the cast in Tahidi High and have one daughter called Mumbua. 

Top Ten Cutest Celebrity Couples in Kenya 
Nasra and Rashid Image/Courtesy

Nasra and Rashid Abdalla

Nasra is a Kenyan Somali comedian who shot to fame thanks to the Churchill show. She has a YouTube channel with her husband Director Rashid called Nasrashid. The two have been a couple for quite sometime but went public with their relationship in 2020 and got married in 2021. They share a number of things on their YouTube channel including story time and pranks.