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Top Ten Kenyan Artists With The Highest Number Of Number One Hits

By Staff Writer

The entertainment scene has seen an entry of new artists as the veterans fade away save for a few. This article takes a look at the top ten Kenyans artists who have dominated the game from last year starting with:


Every project he touches turns to gold. He is a lyrical genius whose flow is not only easy to sing along but comical. Apart from doing collaborations, Mejja aka Mtoto wa Khadija has done solo songs that have been well received. Femi One teamed up with Mtoto wa Khadija to blow our minds with ‘Utawezana’ before releasing back to back hits as a solo artist and with other artists. 

He is the most bankable artist in 2021. 

Willy Paul 

The gospel turned secular artist has managed to remain relevant over the years and is seemingly not about to slow down. Willy Paul has released hits and in quick succession and is one of the most searched celebrities in Kenya. Most of his songs garner millions of views. 

Bahati Kenya

‘Ni Bahati Tena’, like Willy Paul, took a break from gospel and decided the secular world was ready for him. The artist has not disappointed with hits like Pete Yangu featuring Nadia, Sweet Darling featuring Sat B and Take it Slow. 

Nadia Mukami 

Her talent is undeniable and she is by far one of the most bankable female artists out there. She wowed us with ‘Wangu’ feat Sanapei Tande among other hits. Her songs have garnered millions of views on YouTube. 

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After a long hiatus from the music scene, Nyashinshi made a comeback and completely dominated the charts. Songs like Malaika, Free, Hawayani, Hapo Tuma and Bebi Bebi confirmed the king was back. 

Khaligraph Jones

This is one of the finest Kenyan rappers of our generation. His lyrical prowess has seen him work on collaborations with the best in Kenya and beyond. His song ‘Wavy’ featuring Sarkodie propelled him to fame beyond the borders of Kenya. 

Trio Mio

The young talented artist has been equated to the late Esir. His bars are ill with his videos garnering millions of views. He has worked with big names in the industry like Mejja. 

Otile Brown

The RnB artist has the looks and voice to match. His video Dusuma’ featuring Burundian artist Meddy remains one of the most viewed videos on YouTube by a Kenyan. The song garnered over 100 million plus views. 

Sauti Sol

The all boys band has been a darling to many courtesy of their soulful music. Sauti Sol’s songs are mostly about love and at times touch on politics. The group serenaded Kenyans with hits like Suzanna, Insecure, Short and sweet and the list goes on and on. 

H_art The Band

Six years ago, the trio made their grand entry into the music scene with the hit ‘Uliza Kiatu’ that remains in the lips of Kenyans to date. The group never slowed and continued to make good music. Their latest song ‘My Jaber’ is trending on YouTube.