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Top Ten Political Analyst In Kenya And Their Education Background

By Staff Writer

Political science is an inexact science and rightly so. This was put into perspective by Henry Thomas Buckle who observed that “in the present state of knowledge, politics, far from being a science, is one of the most backward of arts.”  Kenya has its fair share of political analysts who try to make head or tail of the current political situation in the country. It is worth noting that some of these commentators are biased in their views depending on who they support. This writer takes a look at the most notable political analyst in Kenya. 

Dr Edward Waswa Kisiang’ani 

He made a name for himself when he was a resident political analyst at Citizen TV show ‘Opinion Court’ that was hosted by Anne Kiguta before she moved to K24 TV. Kisiang’ani was candid and won many admirers across the political divide with his unbiasedness. This seems to have changed as he has become a harsh critic of Raila Odinga and openly supports his political nemesis Deputy President William Ruto. 


University Education

i) (2003)

ii) MastersDegree(1990-1995)

Teacher Trainer Editor and Printer University Lecturer

Tutor, Mosoriot Teachers College (1984-1987) 

Post Held: Lecturer( Kiswahili)

Printer and Editor of School Books

Certificate Course in Printing Technology at the Kenya Polytechnic Nairobi

University Lecturer: 1989 To Date

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Herman Manyora 

He is a mainstay in most political shows in the country. Manyora’s incisive look at current affairs has won him a decent following. According to Kenyans.co.ke, the lecturer was absorbed at TV47 as their resident political analyst to team up with Abubakar Abdullahi in a new political show. Manyora’s has an active YouTube channel with a subscription of 32.8K followers and counting. His politics leans towards former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. 

Education Background

PhD (Current): School of Journalism and Communication Studies, University of Nairobi

Master of Arts (1990 – 1992), University of Nairobi, M.A Linguistics.

Bachelor of Education (Arts) (1987 – 1990), Kenyatta University, 2nd Class Honours, Upper Division, English and Literature.

Lecturer (Current from 1996) at University of Nairobi’s Department of Linguistics and Languages. Specializes in Linguistics, English and Communication.

Adams Oloo 

His thoughts are well measured giving him an edge over his peers. Adams Oloo does not get carried away even when his arguments are challenged by fellow panelists. He has been an adviser to ODM leader Raila Odinga. 

Educational Qualifications:

1999-2003: University of Delaware (Ph.D. in Political Science) 

1999-2001: University of Delaware (M.A in Political Science)

1992-1995:  University of Nairobi (M.A. in Political Science) 

1988-1991: University of Nairobi (B.A.)

Mutahi Ngunyi

His pieces on the Daily Nation were well tailored and made interesting reading. Mutahi Ngunyi was much sought after in political shows until he decided to be a player in the ‘game’. Some of his comments have bordered on hate speech targeting members of the Luo community. In 2015 he was forced to apologise for his acerbic tweets. His apology read: 

“I apologize to the Luo nation unreservedly. No harm Intended. I am a product of Luo scholars whom I respect immensely. I eat the humble pie”

This perceived hatred of the Luo community seems to have fizzled out thanks to the handshake between Raila Odinga and his erstwhile political nemesis President Uhuru Kenyatta. His attacks have now been directed to deputy president William Ruto. He runs the 5th Estate, a YouTube channel with over 85,000 subscribers. 

Education background

Dr. Krapf Primary School

St. Thomas of Aquinas High School

To be updated. 

Prof  Peter Kagwanja

The good professor is level headed and his commentaries are not offensive although they seem to favor a particular political faction. His articles are well written, educative and touch on subjects that affect the common man. Kagwanja is a panelist on a number of political shows on local TV stations. 

Education background

Kianjiru-ini Primary School 

Kirogo Secondary School and Kangaru High School

Kenyatta University-Bachelor of Education Degree (in History, politics and philosophy) and a Master of Arts degree 

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaigndoctorate degree, specializing in history, politics and international law.

Barrack Muluka 

His resume speaks volume of a man whose words are measured for maximum effect. His knowledge on and grasps matters of politics puts him in the pedestal of the best political analyst in the country. Barrack Muluka is a regular guest at the Jeff Koinange Live (JKL) and is a weekly commentator at the following stations:

  • NTV AMLive
  • Citizen TV
  • Radio Mulembe FM (Royal Media Services)
  • Regular Commentator, KTN TV
  • Media Consultant & regular commentator on global political, economic and Social affairs on BBC, Voice of America, Radio France International, Radio Deustche Welle, Citizen Television (K), Kenya Television Network
  • Columnist at East African Standard from September 1998 to date

Education background


  • PhD Researcher, Politics & International Relations, University of Leicester, U.K.
  • Master of Arts: Armed Conflict and Peace Studies, University of Nairobi, 2010
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Mass Communication University of Nairobi, 1986
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree: Linguistics and English, University of Nairobi, 1983


For more information visit: barrackmuluka.co.ke

Other political analyst include:

Richard Bosire 

Martin Andati

Charles Kipkulei 

Martin Oloo

Dismas Mokua