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Gladys Gachanja Biography, Education, Career and Personal Life

By Prudence Minayo

She is intelligent, beautiful, charming and has a golden voice that makes the right ingredients for an A-list journalist. Gladys Gachanja’s life is not the subject of tabloids like her peers who make headlines for all the wrong reasons. The NTV news anchor only shares snippets of her life on social media platforms. This writer takes a look at the illustrious life of the journalist. 


Gladys Gachanja is an alumni of Daystar University. She studied Mass Communication and Psychology at the institution. 


With over a decade in the media industry, one is definitely right to call her a veteran in the field. The TV siren has got massive experience working on both television and radio. She gained popularity as a reporter working for NTV. 

Previously, she teamed with Trevor Ombija before he left the station to join Royal Media Services as an anchor for Citizen TV. As many media personalities leave the station or get fired, Gladys managed to hold on to her position.

The presenter  also hosts ‘Women and Power’, a show aired on NTV. The show gives women a platform to tell their story, the challenges they went through, how it affected them and how they managed to press on until they finally succeeded. The show deals with a number of gender subjects and also helps to motivate and encourage others. ‘Women and Power’ also applauds the women for how they achieved success in various fields.

Apart from this, she is an experienced moderator, master of ceremony and a mentor.

Personal life

Gachanja has managed to keep her personal life out of the public eye. She is a mother to one son. Gladys shared the agony she underwent after the passing of her father. 

“….it ached so bad I don’t think memories of him would ever bring a smile to my face. Today, I look forward to the month of October with a smile because it reminds me of a man who lived beyond himself…..”, she was quoted by the Standard.

She went on to praise the man who though dead his legacy still lives and that she can borrow his lessons in some of her day to day activities.

Atopic Dermatitis

In 2020, she also revealed that she suffers from Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema), a condition she has lived with all her life and which her son also inherited. This skin condition makes the skin itchy and red and no permanent cure has been found for it. The veteran journalist revealed this while hosting a guest who had suffered from the condition. 

“ So, listening to Dorothy Muchere, an Eczema warrior share her struggle with this chronic condition affirms there are many living with this condition, ”she said.

The show host went on to mention Dr. Winnie Njega who is a dermatologist who speaks on the importance of creating awareness about this condition that sometimes causes stigma to the patients who are left with patches on their skin.


Gladys is a great believer that the only person standing between you and success is YOU. Hence, for empowerment to be effective, YOU have to show up and put in the work.