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Top Travel YouTubers in Kenya 

By Prudence Minayo

Local tourism in Kenya has been demystified and promoted by a new breed of YouTubers in ways traditional media couldn’t. WoK takes a look at these content creators who have now made traveling a favorite pastime for Kenyans starting with:

Miss Trudy

Miss Trudy ventured into content creation more than two years ago and has since amassed a massive following. While her content is diverse, it’s her travel videos which stand out. Those who would like to travel in Kenya and other African countries, can learn so much from her blog. 

She has showcased different hotels in Nairobi for staycations and also different parts of the country one can travel to. Outside Kenya, she has done travel videos of a number of African countries including Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal, South Africa, Eswatini, Cameroon and Zanzibar among others. Her content gives viewers a look on how other people across the continent live and places people can visit to get a feel of the country. 

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I am Marwa

I am Marwa, real name Fredrick Marwa, is one of the top travel YouTubers in the country. He went from being a hawker in the harsh streets of Nairobi to being a famous YouTuber. He shared his inspirational journey on Jalang’o TV and currently boasts hundreds of thousands of followers. His content is perfect for those wishing to travel the world. He has shared travel videos in different destinations including Brazil and the United States. He has traveled to more than ten countries abroad and he is not stopping. 

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Kate Kendy 

Kate is a Nairobi based lifestyle YouTuber who shares a lot of chill vlogs. She also showcases various hidden gems within Nairobi and its environs. Her videos show different  picturesque places that people would otherwise not know exist. Those looking to break free from the city monotony can definitely check out the beautiful hidden gems she has showcased. 

African Tigress 

With over 120k subscribers on her YouTube channel, African Tigress is yet another popular Kenyan YouTuber showcasing the African continent. She has a number of videos showing different parts of Kenya and has diversified to showcase different parts of the continent. The gorgeous YouTuber has traveled to different parts of Africa showing the good, the challenges and just the general lifestyle of Africans. She has shared content on a number of countries including Nigeria, Ethiopia, Senegal, Zimbabwe, Malawi and South Africa. 

African Traveler 

African Traveler was inspired by popular Ghanaian YouTuber Wode Maya to quit his job and start making content on YouTube. He has shared different content showing the beauty of places around Kenya. He has showcased different neighbourhoods from Kitisuru, Karen to Kibera. His videos also contain little history snippets about particular places. 

Farhan Oberson 

Long before most Kenyan YouTubers began showcasing the country, Farhan was showcasing it especially the beautiful Coastal culture. She refers to her subscribers as Rafiki, Swahili word for friend. Through her amazing content, viewers get to live, albeit virtually, the Kenyan lifestyle and experience the delicious cuisine.

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