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TRHK Shiphira Bio, Real Name, Husband, Pay Per Episode And Endorsements

The Real House of Kawangware is arguably one of the most popular and consistent sitcoms in Kenya. The exit of the likes of Njugush was seemingly a minor setback as it gave room to fresh talents inform of DJ Shiti and Shiphira-or Shifira-as you may want to pronounce her name. It’s a pure joy to watch Shiphira throw barbs at her househelp Awiti with humor she can only muster. Then she falls in love with Crotus, another character who has played a major role in making TRHK the best comedy show.

Shiphira’s Real name
Away from a combative character on-screen, Shiphira is soft spoken if not shy. Her real name is Wambui wa Wanjiku.

TRHK Shiphira Bio, Real Name, Husband, Pay Per Episode And Endorsements
Real Househelps of Kawangware TV show actors Shiphira, real name Wambui wa Wanjiku, and Michireti made Kenyans believe they are a couple daughter Photo/Courtesy


Shiphira is not married to David Marucha alias Michireti-who plays the stubborn watchman in the same program as has been reported in multiple news outlets.

Of late Shiphira has been publicizing moretubeauty cosmetics. According to Moretu’s website the brand “is the only Korean manufactured beauty cosmetics made for the Kenyan market specifically. The word Moretu comes from Kikuyu word, Moiretu..a girl. The color Cayla is named after the founder’s daughter. (How cute 😍😍) The other two colors are named: Nairobi and Royal.” The actress has shared Moretu products on her social media platforms.

TRHK Shiphira Bio, Real Name, Boyfriend, Pay Per Episode And Endorsements
Shiphira With Moretu Staff Photo/Courtesy

Pay per episode
Shiphira pockets between kes10,000 to kes15,000 per episode.

The Real Househelps of Kawangware new cast
Makena-left the show. Has been engaged in other projects the latest being the Machakos Film Fest competition
Onyi-on and off
Truphena-she quit the show saying she wanted her career to take a new trajectory. Little has been heard from one of the best actors in the sitcom
Njugush -exited the show to pursue a solo career
Matilda-left the show
DJ Shiti-Has become the star of the program
Crotus-A revelation who has kept the program a must watch