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Businesses Owned By Family Bank Founder Titus Muya 

Family Bank was founded in 1984 by Titus Muya, then known as Family Finance Building Society, along Nairobi’s Kenyatta Avenue.  TK, as he is popularly...
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Unboxing The OnePlus Open Smartphone

The OnePlus Open is the first foldable smartphone from OnePlus. As most tech reviews have implied, the phone is a true beast but is it capable of defeating the long time frontrunner-Galaxy Z fold series or Google one Pixel fold? That’s the question to be answered.

The phone comes in a bright red box and when you open it you are welcomed with the phone on top. Other accessories include a case, type C red branded cable, a 67 watt power brick, a sim tool removal and some paper work.

The OnePlus Open comes in glossy Eternal Green and the sandstone-ish Titan Black. A fun fact worth mentioning is that compared to the 60 component making up the hinge on the Galaxy fold 5 the Open uses 69 parts making the unfolding motion more fluid.

The build quality is as well to die for. In first let’s start with the frame and chassis – they are made of proprietary cobalt molybdenum alloy and titanium alloy.

Unboxing The OnePlus Open Smartphone

The outer display is a 6.31 inch with high resolution and is also a super fluid Amoled display. Due to the phones aspect ratio in the palm in just feel right.

Unfolding the phone you get a large display with one of the most invisible crease and a very bright screen.

NB; In this unboxing we have not dived in the specific such as the speed, power or even the strength and weakness of the device. For a full review of the Open don’t forget to tune in and a like will really help for our recommendation.