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Victor Ndungu Mungai: Meet The Young Interior Designer Who Became A Success Story

In life, it is the aspiration of many people to make it in life at a young age. However, not many manage to achieve this due to the differences in profession, ambition, opportunities, and geographical location, among many other factors.

Making it in Kenya is not a walk in the park, however, a number of people have managed to hack it in various sectors and established companies or brands that have gone on to be their leading sources of income.

WoK has made it a priority to tell stories of Kenya’s inspiring entrepreneurs, among other feel-good stories, and in this segment, we interviewed a young interior designer looking to transform the country through beautiful spaces.

Victor Ndungu Mungai is the founder and proprietor of Ridadi Designers, an interior designs company based in Ruiru, Kiambu County. The company has handled a number of big jobs across the country.

Below is our interview with Victor.

Who is Victor

I am Victor Ndungu Mungai, I’m an interior designer.

Victor Ndungu Mungai: Meet 25-Year-Old Running Own Construction Company
File image of Victor Ndungu Mungai.

Talk to us about your upbringing? Where were you raised?

I’m from Gatundu, Kiambu County, but I grew up in Kitengela and later moved to Ruai.

Most of my family members are into construction. I enjoyed going to the construction sites with my parents, and growing up I wanted to be in construction.

Where did you go to school? What academic qualifications do you hold?

I went to Makwa High School in Kiambu, and later proceeded to Nairobi Institute of Technology where I pursued interior design. I am also pursuing architecture at the same institution.

What was your first job?

Interior design. I have worked for a number of companies but I branched out and started my own company.

Ridadi Designers. The name comes from the word ‘maridadi’ which translates to decoration. The company is based in Ruiru but is mobile and has worked on various projects across the country.

When did you decide to venture into your own businesses?

When I was 21. I saw that I need to design spaces for myself.

Victor Ndungu Mungai: Meet 25-Year-Old Running Own Construction Company

What was the motivation behind it?

To me, this is a passion. It is good to work for money, but for me, it is passion. Sometimes I see poor designs and I feel like vomiting.

There were also a lot of young men who are unemployed and I wanted to provide jobs for them. I also wanted to see places that look nice.

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Talk to us about your business

At Ridadi designers, we always give the client the worth for their money. A good job for us is a resume. For every house we are contracted to design, we ensure that we give it our best shot and that in turn earns us more jobs.

For most of our clients, we get them through referrals but we are also working on our social media page.

We have done a number of big projects. We did a good job at Ruiru Rainbow Resort and from it, we got a number of referrals.

What are some of the challenges you face in your line of work?

The biggest challenge we have faced is the challenge of working with good workers, poor materials from suppliers, and delayed payments from clients. Some clients don’t pay.

Victor Ndungu Mungai: Meet 25-Year-Old Running Own Construction Company
File image of Victor Ndungu Mungai.

What next for your business, what plans do you have for the future?

In the next few years, we are looking at supplying materials to clients, working for international sites and clients, and dominating the design industry in Kenya. We are also looking at opening our own school for training design students.

When you have ugly spaces, they affect many things. They can determine one’s mood among many other behaviours. We want to train people who can ensure beauty in spaces.

The past 2 years have been tough for businesses, what did you do differently to survive?

Actually, for us, the Covid-19 period was very good for business. That is when we got very many clients. People are moving away from cities. People are kind of running away from paying rent, so we are getting a lot of calls.

What is your mantra for success?

Passion. When you love what you do, you will always give it your best.

Any advice for people coming up in your sector?

I would advise young people to consider getting into interior design. It is a very good industry, and they should not only look at the money but build a passion for building beautiful spaces and the rest will follow.

What’s your parting shot

Interior design is a great sector for one to venture into. There are numerous opportunities for those with a passion for design and creating beautiful spaces.

At Ridadi, we put the interests of our clients first. When a client comes to us with a job, we are obligated to make their house/building/workplace as comfortable and appealing as possible. We give you the worth for your money.

Victor Ndungu Mungai: Meet 25-Year-Old Running Own Construction Company

To get in touch with Victor call: 0712-796754 or email ridadidesigners@gmail.com.