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Victor Patience Oyuko: I Can’t Marry A Lady Without A Degree, I Will Never Forgive Myself If I Do

Victor Patience Oyuko, who goes by the name Kenyan Degree Holder on Facebook, is a vocal about the impact of education among the youths. He strongly believes that education  has the power of eradicating societal ills like inequality and poverty

Speaking to TUKO, the environmental scientist explained the drive behind his degree campaign and the ambitious goals he aspires to accomplish.

In the interview, Oyuko expressed his desire to be an inspiration to individuals, especially those grappling with joblessness despite being holders of degrees, to recognize the power of their education. 

He went on to add that everyone has the power to shape their destinies by identifying niches where the knowledge they acquired can make a meaningful impact.

“I speak about a Degree daily because I want our people to harness all available knowledge and transform society. I speak for Degree holders who have despaired and given up on their degrees because of a lack of jobs,” he told Tuko. 

Oyuko has no room for women who don’t have degrees no matter how beautiful they are. He said he can never date or marry a woman without a degree. 

“I can’t marry a lady without a degree. Over my dead body. I will never forgive myself if I do,” he stated.

The ‘Kenyan Degree Holder’ noted that even if some people may fail to fully realize their dreams, education is a driving force that propels individuals to greater heights. 

Reflecting on his upbringing, Oyuko, who has a degree in environmental science but works in the legal sector, shared how his father spurred him to excel academically and obtain a degree. 

His father instilled in him the belief that a degree would bring immeasurable pride to the family. 

He not only views his degree as a personal achievement but as a key to unlock doors What would otherwise have remained closed.

Challenging fellow degree holders trying to find a footing in the competitive job market, he urged them to stand tall with their educational achievements.

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