Views And Likes Of First Show By Mark Masai And Dennis Okari

Dennis Okari, Mark Masai and the production crew at SemaBOX PHOTO/Courtesy

Media personalities Mark Masai and Dennis Okari teamed up to start The Social Newsroom, a weekly talkshow.

The two alongside other journalists were fired a month after their employer, Nation Media Group, announced a mass layoff.

Masai worked at NTV as prime time news anchor, while Okari worked as an investigative journalist and a news anchor.

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The Social Newsroom

The Social Newsroom is a weekly show produced by SemaBOX, a podcasting incubator, and hosted by Okari and Masai.

Their first show went live on Thursday, December 15, on the journalists’ social media platforms and SemaBOX YouTube channel.

The show went live just a week after the two were laid off by NMG.

“To the new way of doing things. To finding meaning in what we experience. To finding stories that matter to us,” Masai wrote on Twitter while introducing their new show.


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The Social Newsroom was live on both Masai and Okari’s Facebook pages.

As of Friday, December 16, Okari had managed 97,500 views, 11,200 likes and about 3,200 comments on Facebook.

On the other hand, Masai gathered over 97,700 Facebook views, 215 likes and some 71 comments; most of which were congratulatory messages.

On Twitter, about 6,748 people watched the show which was streamed on Masai’s page, while 300 people liked it.

Okari managed 540 viewers and 26 likes.

The show was also streamed live on SemaBOX YouTube channel where it gathered over 7,000 views, over 500 likes and 57 comments.

These numbers are by the time this article was published.

Facebook Comments

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