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Vincent Mboya: How Jalang’o Turned YouTuber’s Life Around, His Journey From Poverty To Earning Upto Ksh700K

Vincent Mboya is one of Kenya’s most popular content creators. He rose to fame after his controversy with Lang’ata MP, Jalang’o, which earned him the name Ksh18k. Today, he has built a brand for himself despite getting into a number of online wrangles with various celebrities. 

Here is her story as told by WoK.


Vincent was raised in Mombasa alongside his siblings. In a past interview with Presenter Ali, he revealed that life was not rosy growing up.

They lived in a single room with their mother and going to school was a problem as he moved from school to school due to lack of fees. 


Initially, he wanted to be a musician but later gave up on that to pursue content creation. He told Mungai Eve in a past interview that music requires a lot in terms of time, resources and management. 

He started gaining notoriety after being sent Ksh18k by Hon. Jalang’o. He had approached the lawmaker saying his rent was due and he was about to be kicked out.

Later, he got angry when the then radio presenter said carrying a placard won’t help as he needed to work.

He threatened to return the money and gave the lawmaker 48 hours to retrieve his money. Later, he apologized and even made placards to which the MP replied telling him he has been forgiven.

“As your big brother, I can easily tell you, go out there and work out your life if you know what that means. Do you know what that means? Have a good day Mboya, I have forgiven you. This is the last I should hear you talk about me.

This is the last time I should see you following me around with placards. You are making me look bad and I am not that kind of a person,” wrote Jalang’o. The two mended fences with Vincent even posting a video with the parliamentarian on his channel. 

It is this move that earned him the much needed recognition and his entry into the big stage.

Following this scandal, he said a lot of people shunned him including celebrities. The YouTuber said people like Butita and KRG the don blocked him.

In the 2022, he said people with big channels were asked not to interview him and he was even chased from a function. Revealing these were one of the hardest moments of his life, he said he would cry a lot. 

Amidst various controversies, he managed to build his YouTube channel which currently has over 200k subscribers. Through the channel, he shares interviews with various people and has also highlighted the stories of several artists.

He was among the first people that helped highlight Stivo Simple boy’s problem with his management.


The self proclaimed entertainment critic officer has had big wins on YouTube with his channel having more than 33 million views. In December 2022, he revealed that at the time he had received his biggest pay from YouTube which was more than US$5,000. 

Thanks to content creation, he has traveled to various places including Dubai. He has also helped his family a lot.

Once, after a trip to Dubai, he gave his mother over Ksh100k on top of other goodies. The 23-year-old also revealed that he wishes to buy her land and pay off all her debts.

According to him, his success is meant to show those who despised him that nothing is impossible and he is achieving more at a young age.

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