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Vincent Oduor: Aquaculture Mogul Minting Money Through Fish Farming

The aquaculture industry in Kenya is experiencing significant growth and attention, thanks to the efforts of dedicated individuals like Vincent Oduor.

As the co-founder and CEO of Aquaculture Barn Limited, Vincent has played a pivotal role in promoting sustainable aquaculture practices and innovation in the region.

Here is his story as told by WoK.


Vincent Oduor’s journey in the aquaculture industry began with a strong passion for making a difference in the lives of fish farmers in Kenya.

In 2018, while still at university, Vincent offered extension services to fish farmers in Kiambu.

Witnessing the challenges they faced, he realized the potential of aquaculture in addressing food security and creating employment opportunities.

In 2019, Vincent’s determination led him to Kisumu, where he volunteered in the VicInAqua project.

”During this time, I gained practical skills in operating and maintaining advanced recirculating aquaculture systems  (RAS) and water purification using a membrane bioreactor system (MBR),” Oduor said.

With Oxyguard’s training, Vincent also honed his expertise in water quality monitoring.

During his time as a volunteer, Vincent’s passion for empowering others was evident.

He established the Victoria Aquaculture Youth Group, bringing unemployed graduates together and registering the group.

As the chairman, Vincent secured job opportunities for the members and set up seven new farms across four counties in Kenya, leaving a positive impact on the local aquaculture industry.

Vincent’s vision extended beyond volunteer work, and he co-founded Aquaculture Barn Limited with the mission of supporting small- and medium-scale fish farmers in Kenya.

The company specialized in supplying high-quality catfish and tilapia fingerlings, contributing to the growth of fish farming in the region.

As the CEO of Aquaculture Barn Limited, Vincent was a driving force in promoting sustainability and innovation in the industry.

The company utilized closed recirculating aquaculture systems and raised liner ponds to ensure both productivity and environmental responsibility.

Vincent’s commitment to empowering the youth was evident not only through his company’s employment practices but also through his active participation in workshops and conferences.

He constantly sought to stay updated with the latest developments in aquaculture and became a certified trainer and community-based coach for the Farmer Field Schools, sharing knowledge to improve fish farmers’ practices.

Vincent’s dedication and innovative approaches did not go unnoticed. In 2023, he received the prestigious “Most Innovative Fish Farmer” award in Lattice Aquaculture’s best fish farmer competition, competing against over 600 farmers from across Kenya.

However, Vincent’s journey was not without its challenges.

Finding suitable land for aquaculture expansion proved to be a hurdle for Aquaculture Barn Limited.

The company also faced the high cost of commercial feeds and difficulties in acquiring quality broodstock, which impacted their production capacity.

Beyond the challenges faced by his own company, Vincent recognized the wider obstacles in the Kenyan aquaculture industry.

The lack of supportive policies and regulations, limited access to finance for small-scale farmers, poor infrastructure, and unregulated prices of fish and fish products hindered the industry’s growth and potential.

Looking ahead, Vincent’s vision for the future is to expand Aquaculture Barn’s operations and establish partnerships with aquaculture companies and organizations across East Africa and beyond.

He aspires to mentor and support more young people interested in pursuing careers in aquaculture, contributing to the industry’s sustainable growth and development.