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What Club Deejays Earn In Kenya Per Show

Not many years back, a deejay-or simply DJ-was associated with rebelling party loving young men. That was then. Being a deejay is now taken as any other profession and the big boys and girls in the game are paid very well.

In most shows, Deejays are a must to spice up things. Some good examples are Churchill Show that was aired on NTV, Chipukeezy Show and many others.

Then we have the hugely popular 10 over 10 that was hosted by Willis Raburu on Citizen TV. Besides that, we have radio deejays. This article will look at how much deejays working in clubs get paid.

Resident deejays

These are DJs contracted to work in a club. Pay varies on the popularity of the DJ, season and the club he has penned a deal with. The big names earn between Ksh30,000 and kes40,000 per week.

High end clubs pay upto to Ksh45,000 a night.


Struggling deejays eager to make a name for themselves can take Ksh10,000. Others will even accept Ksh2,000 or nothing at all in the name of exposure.

Veteran Deejays

Veterans deejays who have a big following charge upto Ksh70,000 for a one-off gig out of town.