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William Getumbe: Biography Of Yesu Ninyadue Hitmaker, Family, Children, Education And Music Career

  • Yesu Ninyadue hitmaker William Getumbe Ondieki has hit the headlines for his songs that are seen to be making a mockery of Christianity
  • He has worked on various projects with the equally controversial Embarambamba

Without a doubt, the Kenyan gospel industry is taking a trajectory many did not expect. A lot has changed but nothing as expressed by the likes of William Getumbe and his associate Embarambamba. He has released a recent controversial song that has rubbed a lot of Kenyans the wrong way. Most have dubbed his lyrics blasphemous. 

Here is his story as told by WoK

Family and Education

Getumbe is a 40-year-old father of four children and a husband. He pursued Counseling Psychology at Mount Kenya University.

Career and Music 

He describes himself as a pastor, CEO of Bill Gates Records and founder of William Getumbe foundation. 

The singer began getting a bit of notoriety after being featured in a few videos with Embarambamba. He says he heard of Embarambamba in 2020 when someone told him about the singer, who was just beginning to get fame. They were later introduced and began working together on some projects. 

His song Yesu Ninyandue nipate mimba ya Yesu propelled him to fame

He has often posted his videos which include sermons on his YouTube channel, William Getumbe. The channel has over 2.9k subscribers. 

Wearing Diapers 

The singer is known for his signature diaper wear. He has been spotted donning a diaper and nothing else in some of his videos which has been seen as madness by a lot of his critics. 

According to him, he wears the diapers to sensitize people about others who have conditions, like, fistula, diabetes and cancer thus forcing them to wear them. 

He doesn’t want them to feel like it is an oddity. In an interview with Pashwa TV, he also said it is to help gay people who he believes develop problems with passing stool after a while. 

He added in a different interview that he had no problems with h*m*3esu@ls and they should be welcomed to church.

The feeling of family members 

On how his parents feel about seeing their son draped in diapers and walking the streets, he said they did not understand it initially.

Both his parents are preachers and wondered what was wrong with him. However, he intimated that they were okay and so were his in-laws and wife. 

In fact, he said his wife is one of his biggest supporters as he always seeks her opinion before posting anything. She agrees with him and the two often work together. 


In the past, he has released songs with controversial lyrics, such as Nyonga and Imejaa. His recent release, Yesu Ninyandue, has been termed as vulgar by many with even Dr. Ezekiel Mutua released a statement terming it as blasphemous. 

People have commented advising him against mocking God but he remains adamant with his song choices.