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Updated: Zindzi Mandela Biography, Salary As Ambassador, Age, Controversies And Death

“Dear Apartheid Apologists, your time is over. You will not rule again. We do not fear you. Finally #TheLandIsOurs“, this tweet has caused a furor on the social media platform and brought renewed attention to Zindzi Mandela, daughter to former South Africa president Nelson Mandela and controversial struggle icon Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. At the time of writing this post, Zindzi was still trending on twitter.

Zindzi Mandela Biography
Born on 23 December 1960, Zindzi was separated from her father when she was only 18 months old following his arrest by the apartheid government. Her elder sister, Zenani Mandela, played the mother role following the numerous arrests of her mother. Zindzi education was interrupted and it was not until she was sent to Swaziland that she completed her studies. She told The Telegraph of his father absence from her life:

“I never, ever imagined my father being president. I imagined him coming home and having a normal family life. When he came out of prison we only had a few moments with him as a family, before the reception committee joined us. I realised, ‘He’s still not mine.’ I always joke that at least when he was in prison I was guaranteed two visits a month.”

Following her father’s footsteps, Zindzi studied law and earned a BA in 1985 at the University of Cape Town.

Prepped For Countries Freedom Struggle
Her preparation in the murky politics of the country started quite early. In 1985, she read a reply by her father refusing conditional release by then South African president P. W. Botha. Following the divorce of her parents, Zindziswa was the stand in First Lady of South Africa in 1996 after his father was elected president.

She is a published poet. Her works were published in the book Black as I Am in 1978. Her other works appeared in Somehow We Survive: An Anthology of South African Writing, edited by Sterling Plumpp and Daughters of Africa, edited by Margaret Busby.

Both of her two relationship have ended up in divorce. The marriages have produced for children:
Zoleka Mandela, (1980), Zondwa Mandela (1985), Bambatha Mandela (1989) and Zwelabo Mandela (1992).[11] Her first husband was Zwelibanzi Hlongwane.[12] She married her second husband, Molapo Motlhajwa, who was a member of the South African National Defence Force, in March 2013.

Zindzi is South Africa’s ambassador to Denmark and her latest remarks seemingly go against what her father believed in.
“trembling white cowards” who are the “thieving rapist descendants of Van Riebeck [sic]” and one saying that she was “wondering how the world of shivering land thieves is doing” while out “wining and dining” at a restaurant.

Former Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan’s was quoted by a South African blog as terming the country’s Ambassadors allowances as “exceptionally generous”

“Cost-of-living allowances for South African staff at missions are exceptionally generous, ranging from R600,000 to R1.3 million per year, and are paid on top of full salaries, accommodation, education and other allowances,” the statement from the former Finance read in part.


Zindzi died early today. Her close relation confirmed to the media. May her soul rest in peace.

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