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Jalang’o Houses In Nairobi And Siaya

Stories abound of A-list celebrities in Kenya who made good money at the height of their careers but now live in penury. This is a sad narrative that replicates itself all over the world. A section of celebrities are more prudent with their finances and are known to be big time investors. Radio presenter, comedian and businessman Jalang’o, real name Felix Odiwour, is a good example of making hay while the sun shines. We take a look at Jalang’o’s houses in Nairobi and Siaya.

Jalang’o’s Siaya House
The Milele FM presenter is proud of his achievements which he doesn’t mind sharing on social media. In 2017, he shared photos on social media of a ground breaking ceremony in his rural home where his house stands today. The caption read:

“Mwanaume ni Nyumba… So today I begin this beautiful project”

Jalang’o Houses In Nairobi And Siaya
Jalas Rural Home In Siaya Photo/Courtesy

His house is simple but doesn’t compromise on class.

Nairobi House
The house he shared on his Instagram captioned progress looks structurally different from the house he indicated last month as his. The unfinished house has a balcony while the complete house doesn’t have one. Also the finished house has a parking and is spacious, unlike the first one.

Jalang’o Houses In Nairobi And Siaya
The House Under Construction Differs from The Completed One

It is not clear if the comedian owns the two houses.
Jalang’o Houses In Nairobi And Siaya
A Fraction Of Celebrities Who OwnHouses In Kenya Photo/Courtesy