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Top 10 Most Followed TikTokers In Kenya And Their Niche

TikTok has emerged as a highly popular social media platform among Kenyan youth, closely trailed by Instagram in terms of usage.

The appeal of TikTok among Kenyan users is substantial, with many individuals deriving enjoyment from scrolling through videos or creating their own content.

With time, this engagement can become habit-forming, leading to hours spent immersed in the app.

Notably, the video-sharing platform has brought about significant life changes for numerous people, primarily in terms of financial gains and recognition.

Prominent creators like Azziad Nasenya and David Moya serve as prime examples of individuals who have achieved success on the platform.

Numerous other creators have amassed sizable followings, often surpassing a million followers, and have consequently experienced considerable improvements in their lives.

Included below is a compilation of the most followed TikTok creators, showcasing the content genres they specialize in to captivate and retain their audience.

Moya David

Being the most followed Content creator in the app, he has amassed 4.2 million followers on the platform. Just from dancing, he has taken surprises to a whole new level with his creativity and talent.

His craft has changed his life in that, he is now able to travel abroad just to surprise people who book him with all his bills and flight paid.

Azziad Nasenya

The content creator is an award-winning TikTok star, actress, radio presenter, and journalist popularly known as the tik tok queen with 2.8 million followers on Tik Tok.

She became famous in 2020 during the pandemic and from then, the 23-year-old has managed to achieve a lot at a young age. Her hard work and dedication in creating content have opened doors for her and have made her work with lots of big brands like Bic and Garnier.

Vick Brandon

He has about 2.7 million followers making him the third most followed.

Vick does comedy skits on the platform and has gathered more than 35 million likes on his videos and also has a YouTube channel with over 3k subscribers.

Michael Bundi

Michael Bundi and his son Fayez Bundi are Tiktok stars who share videos of themselves singing together and have amassed a following of 2.7 million people on the platform.

The Father-son duo disclosed their TikTok account was the most viewed in 2022 in Kenya, with the best-performing video garnering over two million likes.

Njoki Murira

She has been a social media sensation after flaunting her wasp waist and curved behind her physique. The creator has 2.6 million followers on TikTok.

She shows her curves mostly in all her videos and this has made her amass followers, especially men who always salivate in the comment section.

Trisha Khalid

She is a famous Kenyan actress, businesswoman, and social media personality. She is famous for her role as Ruby in Maisha Magic’s telenovela ‘Kovu’, and is currently playing the role of Trisha in the Citizen TV show ‘Becky’.

As a social media personality, Trisha has a huge following on Tiktok, with 2.3 million followers and over 600k followers on Instagram.

According to Trisha, she did not struggle to achieve her acting career since it just happened. Lulu Hassan approached her and offered her the opportunity to play ‘Ruby’ in the Maisha Magic show ‘Kovu’.

Denis Ombachi

He is a self-taught chef who mostly posts cooking videos and his followers are really in love with his content mostly known as the” roaming chef“.

He has about 2.3 million followers and over 24 million likes.

The self-taught chef has developed  “next level kind of recipes “to which well-known Tik Tokers have reacted with his catchphrase “done”.


He has two million followers and has been able to generate traffic and make people laugh by bursting before crowds wearing his trademark earphones and starts screaming the lyrics of popular songs.


He is a comedian and has about 1.5 million followers. He also posts his comedy and skits on YouTube and has worked with big brands in Kenya due to his influence.

Trevor Silaz

He is a budding Tiktoker with about 1.5 million followers. Trevor has been doing surprise videos around the streets of Nairobi, with his main focus being starving poor people. He dances for them and hands them a rose, food, and some cash.