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Lulu Hassan: Why I Will Never Think of Having a Joint Bank Account with Rashid Abdalla

Citizen TV swahili news anchor Lulu Hassan has  sparked a conversation about financial independence in marriage by revealing that she and her husband, fellow media personality Rashid Abdallah, do not share a bank account.

Lulu advises married couples to refrain from opening joint accounts regardless of how long they have been together.

She emphasized that knowing each other’s earnings is beneficial but managing money separately helps avoid overspending and financial conflicts.

“It’s okay to know how much your partner earns, but everyone should keep their own money in their own accounts,” she stated.

Lulu highlights that both she and Rashid are aware of each other’s earnings, which helps them stay financially disciplined.

She believes that sharing accounts is unnecessary, especially when both partners are financially independent.

The only exception she makes is for a joint account dedicated to their children’s expenses.

“Kushare account I don’t advocate for that. Si poa. Why should we share accounts na kila mtu anafanya kazi yake? Labda ya watoto,” Lulu remarked.

Finishing up she noted that she understands not all men and relationships are the same and she is lucky that she fell for a good, disciplined and kind man.

Interestingly, in their marriage Lulu is the one who manages finances as Rashid does not like things to do with money.

“Rashid hapendi mambo ya pesa. Anakuambia deal nayo. Ni mtu mpoa sana by the way.

Labda nimeangukia mtu mzuri. Sote tuko discipline in finances. He doesn’t micromanage the money but lets me handle it,”added the news anchor.