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Anthony Bishop: Kenyan IT Graduate Turns to Selling Mutura, Mukimo in Qatar

As the rate of unemployment in the country continues to be on the rise, many Kenyans are now seeking moving abroad in search of greener pastures.

Considered as land of great opportunities, Kenyans moving out of the country and securing jobs in those country have always emerged out successful regardless of they type of job they secure.

Such is the story of Anthony Bishop who left the country in 2016 for Qatar in search for greener pastures.

Anthony, an Information Technology (IT) graduate from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), claims that once he reached Qatar, things initially became tough, and he thought of returning to the country after the contract for his first job ended.

However, luck struck when Anthony, in partnership with a friend from Pakistan who owned a restaurant, proposed setting aside a day (Friday) to sell Kenyan delicacies.

“I approached him and told him I noticed the space did not attract a lot of customers, so I asked if we could sell Kenyan food on Fridays,” he narrated, adding that his Pakistani friend was initially hesitant before eventually agreeing to the deal.

The proposal was favorably received, and a number of Kenyans crowded the café in search of their favorite delicious meals.

He serves Kenyan delicacies ranging from githeri which he sells at Ksh670, mukimo, mutura, njahi (black beans), chapati, sukuma wiki, and matumbo among others.

Customers who want to enjoy githeri, mutura, njahi, chapati, sukuma wiki, and matumbo have to part with Ksh 670, Ksh 340, Ksh 670, Ksh 65, Ksh 500 and Ksh 500 respectively.

“In the next five years, I want to franchise my business, to have different branches spread across,” the chef declared