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4 Most Intriguing and Non Traditional Ways Kenyans are Making Money

Making money as a Dog walker.
A man walking dogs. Photo/Pet Business.

While there are many ways of making money in Kenya, few are intriguing and unconventional. These services have grown owing to the increased urbanization and adoption of Western cultures. Here are the top 4 unconventional ways Kenyans are making money:

1. Pet Cremation

As more Kenyans embrace the norm of treating pets like members of the family, businesses have seized the opportunity to start pet cremation and funeral ventures. A good example is the Lee Funeral Home which incorporated a pet incinerator a few kilometres from their funeral home.

“At Lee Funeral Services, we offer pet cremation services which include: the collection of your pet from a vet or at home and transportation of the pet to the cremation location using a pet hearse. Provision of urn and transportation of cremated remains to your preferred location,” said Mr Brussel during a February 2023 interview with Business Daily.

There is also a veterinary clinic in Westlands that offers pet care and also organizes hospice care for pets, burial and cremation and grief counselling services.

2. Dog Walking

Several city dwellers are finding a way to earn a living by walking dogs. Some claim to be making up to Sh500 an hour walking dogs depending on their size. A good example is William Kimani who walks dogs for a living. In a December 2023 article posted by Bizna Kenya, it was reported that he makes up to Sh470,000 per month walking people’s dogs.

In September 2023, the Nation posted the story of Mr Ochieng’ who makes up to Sh50,000 walking dogs during a good month.

3. Pet spas and salons 

Salons and spas in Kenya are no longer a preserve for human beings. Several pet spas and salons have popped up to help pet owners treat their babies. Some are mobile and can go to their clients’ homes. They offer a variety of services including washing, conditioning, drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, flea rinses and haircuts. Most charge anything between Sh3000 and Sh5000. It can be more or less depending on the type of pet, services and the company preference.

4. Errands Business 

Busy professionals are finding ways to lessen their load thanks to people who run errands at a fee. Most can do a variety of errands, from shopping for clothes and food items to banking cheques. Several youths have gotten into the business which requires little to no capital, hard work and honesty. Some claim a person can earn anything from Sh5,000 to Sh10,000 weekly. The price varies depending on the type of errand.