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5 Highly Profitable Extra Income Sources for Teachers

The current competence based curriculum (CBC) system is not as overwhelming as the 8-4-4 system that is being phased out. It leaves both students and teachers with ample time to engage in extra curricula activities. This extra time-combined with holiday breaks-gives teachers an opportunity to generate income on the side while they still keeping their 8-5 jobs. Here are some ideas teachers can find useful:

Freelance writing
The internet has numerous sites requiring part-time workers for writing jobs. All is needed is an application and sometimes a test to evaluate your writing skills. After passing through the entire process, writers are at liberty to choose the tasks they are capable of doing. Freelance writing is a flexible job that is also well paying even for part-time workers. Teachers would highly profit from this extra income. Another interesting advantage is that there are numerous categories of tasks. This pool offers an endless option for writers to choose work that interests them.

The most popular form of a side hustle for teachers is tutoring students during holidays. Others do it after school hours and weekends. If you are a teacher and in need of additional income, then you should consider taking this route. You could choose a subject or learning area that is commonly difficult for students and encourage them to sign up for assistance. Tutoring is also an opportunity to boost students’ performance in your class as you earn extra income.

Teaching Swahili Online
Numerous people around the world desire to learn the Swahili language. Recently, Swahili has gained popularity internationally and hence, increased the demand for learning it. Teachers can advertise their services through social media and teach learners online. For such a gig, a website would be necessary since it is an ideal platform for online learning. Learners will register, make their payment, and receive their lessons virtually. Today’s technology is capable of making sure that all these functions happen effectively.

Earning a living does not have to be through working only. Blogging is a fun way of earning as you share with the world what is in your mind. Teachers can choose a niche and create content for it. Earning through blogging could be through several means. Some bloggers allow advertisements that pay them to use their blogs to reach potential customers. A blogger could also use the site to do affiliate marketing and earn a commission from the products. Successful blogs create content regularly to keep their audiences engaged and interested.

Coaching or Mentoring
A passionate teacher will always appreciate an opportunity to coach or mentor people. Teachers can choose an interesting field that would attract individuals who would like coaching. This job is most convenient during holidays for students because teachers can easily organize boot camps. Popular coaching areas are sports, music, playing instruments, and preparations for rites of passage. Coaching and mentoring are capable of fetching an attractive earning without charging individuals exorbitantly.

Kenya’s salary for a teacher may not be sufficient to get the life of your dream. Take the numerous opportunities for getting extra income and supplement your earnings. Choose whichever fits you and start working on it.

Money Banking Agency
With kes100,000 you can start money banking agency business. On their free time, teachers can be actively involved in running their business and have a worker to help when they in school imparting knowledge. Read more on money banking