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How To Apply Digital Driving License In Kenya

The introduction of the new digital driving license has caused confusion as the relevant authorities continue to run the old systems. For example, you can still renew your old driving license for a period of upto three years on e-Citizen portal while its deadline lapses in July 2020. This lack of sensitisation is a recipe for litigation. 

National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA)

NTSA is calling upon drivers to apply for the new smart driving license. It has a number of features that lack in the old red booklet license. This new document resembles a national ID personal details of the holder. For example, your blood group will appear on the card. Such information could be useful during accidents because it will hasten medical services. Also, the license will now keep the score of all the traffic offences drivers commit. Each offence deducts some points from your account, and consequently, it will determine the punishment. Repeat offenders will risk suspension of their licenses and, in some cases, losing them completely.

The new digital driving license

This approach is for encouraging good driving habits and discouraging offenses. In an attempt to curb corruption, some offenses will be fined at the spot and will be paid with a cashless system. Taking refresher driving courses could be part of a penalty. This is a positive punishment, which leaves drivers with better skills and reduces the chances of repeating offences in the future. Additionally, good driving habits reduce insurance, while drivers with numerous traffic offences will have to pay increased insurance premiums. NTSA is currently deliberating with insurance companies to formulate new models that partially use smart DLs to determine premiums.

To get the latest digital Kenyan driving license:

  • Requires an account with TIMS, which can easily be opened in a cyber café if you do not have a personal computer. Have your KRA PIN with you because it is a mandatory requirement.
  • The homepage has various categories depending on who is applying. Click an individual category and proceed to fill in your details. The first step is to type in your ID serial number. If your replacement is within two years, then use the serial number of your old ID.
  • Include your KRA PIN no., mother’s maiden name, your occupation, and mobile number. At this point, a verification code will be sent to your phone on request. The code is necessary for the process and the last step before you become officially registered.
  • Since you are now registered, head back to the TIMS home page and sign in. You will be required to change the password. Following will be clicking on the menu for driving license and select ‘Apply for smart DL.’
  • Getting the smart driving license comes at a small fee of KES 3050, which earns you an appointment with NTSA.
  • Your appointment entails confirmation of personal details as well as leaving behind a passport photo and capturing your fingerprints.
  • It will take about five working days for your driving license to be ready. However, the issuance may delay because of the back log in the system. In case the card is late, maintain a follow up until it is ready for collection.

Drivers are being encouraged to get the new discreet driving licenses and begin experiencing their benefits. Smart driving licenses play a significant role in transforming driving and road use in Kenya.