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A Tour Of Presenter Ali’s Luxurious House [VIDEO]

Muslim Ali popularly known as Presenter Ali is a Kenyan journalist, content creator and YouTuber. He is among the new breed of digital content creators giving traditional media a run for their money.

Before moving to content creation on YouTube, Presenter Ali made a name for himself working for various television stations in the country. He joined Y254 Channel in 2017 as a news presenter, where he worked until August 2018 before moving to Switch TV where he hosted the East Africa Base Show.

He transitioned to YouTube content creation in 2018. Since then, he has conducted numerous interviews with various people including top celebrities and reformed criminals in the country. His channel currently boasts over 250K subscribers.

A Tour Of Presenter Ali's Luxurious House [VIDEO]
Presenter Ali during an interview with Miss Trudy. |Courtesy| Miss Trudy|
The new crop of Kenyan content creators are ‘swimming in dough’ with several of them taking to social media to share some of the properties they have acquired through their exploits. And as a result, WoK takes a tour of Presenter Ali’s house.


Presenter Ali notes that he always aspires to give himself and his wife the best things in life, and hence the big house.

In an interview with YouTuber Miss Trudy, he explained that he also settled on a big house since it has enough room and space for him and his wife to create more content for their fans.

Presenter Ali describes himself as a risk taker, and does not shy away from reinvesting or spending his hard-earned cash.

“I was having a conversation with Khaligraph and he said, If art gives you money, don’t be afraid to reinvest the money. Most people will tell you if you get Ksh5 million go to some place, buy land. It is not bad to do that, but what has given you that money? It is art. What happens if you reinvest Ksh4 million in the art?” He posed.

“That is why I live in a big house, because I want to give you amazing content. So we need huge space, we need a place with good lighting, space to do other ideas,” Presenter Ali explained.

The content creator lives in a two-storeyed house which is nestled within a gated community. A small gated front porch gives the tenants of the estate their privacy.

The living room is painted white and is complemented by the creamish-gold curtains on the windows. The brown carpet and white couches give the house a bright and beautiful interior. The dining room is adjacent to the living room.

Brand Endorsements

Presenter Ali is a brand ambassador for a number of top brands in the country. He is the digital marketer for Hodari Homes, a company that deals with the buying and selling of land.

He is also the brand ambassador multi-million tech company, Numeral IOT – a manufacturer of Kenyan technological products targeting the local market. They are the number one supplier of speed governors for the National Transport Safety Authority.