Abdi Munai Biography, Family, Career And Salary

Abdi Munai Biography, Family, Career And Salary
Abdi Is A Dancer, radio presenter, musician and Stand up comedian Photo/Courtesy

By Faith Nyambeki

The cop who is always up to something. Either scheming on how to defraud someone or impressing on his colleagues on some shoddy deals. Even though Abdi plays the bad cop, his antidotes make him stand out in the popular Inspekta Mwala, a police sitcom that airs on Citizen TV. Then he is a radio presenter and a good one at it. He teams up with the equally talented Tina Ogal from 4PM-8PM on Citizen Radio from Monday to Friday. 

Real name 

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Abdi Munai Generali real name is Mohamed Ratib.


The funnyman is married and has children. He has kept them out of the public limelight. 


Abdi describes himself as an all rounded artist. He is a dancer, musician, actor, standup comedian and radio presenter. He worked as a dancer for 8 years with the famous Safari Cats group at Safari Park Hotel. Like most actors, Abdi started out at the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) where he played different roles in such shows as Vioja Mahakamani and Vitimbi. He appeared on the then popular Redykulas comedy programmes aired on NTV as a guest artist before joining Intrukalas as a main artist. 

The actor travelled the world thanks to Safari Cats. He has performed in South Korea. 

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Former head of radio of Citizen radio remarks on Abdi

Former Royal Media Services head of Radio Joyce Gituro wrote an emotional farewell message to her colleagues when she resigned. She termed Abdi as her “all time favourite”. And from that message it looked like the comedian got in trouble more often. Part of the letter reads:

Abdi Munai my all time favourite, you made my day even when you deserved a warning letter. May God expand your territory.


According to ugwire, Abdi earns kes300,000 for his role in Inspekta Mwala and as a radio presenter. This writer cannot independently verify the figures given by the blog. Next

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