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Adrienne Juma: Entrepreneur Who Turned Ksh 10,000 Capital Into One Of Nakuru’s Top Ankara Fashion Brands

At a time when challenges threatened the very core of her family’s textile business, Adrienne Juma’s visionary leadership transformed setbacks into opportunities, propelling Tiankara Creations to new heights.

Tiankara Creations, deeply rooted in a rich tradition of textiles, faced a daunting challenge when its main customer, Tuskys Supermarkets, closed its doors.

To compound matters, the business was further tested by the unforeseen adversities posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, instead of succumbing to these hurdles, Adrienne Juma chose to rewrite the narrative.

With just Ksh10,000 in hand and armed with a passion for her Afrocentric heritage, Adrienne embarked on a journey of innovation.

She introduced ready-to-wear clothing made from Ankara fabrics, weaving the essence of her culture into every design.

The name “Tiankara,” a fusion of “tiara” representing a crown and “ankara” signifying kitenge, reflected not just the garments but a vision of empowerment.

What truly sets Tiankara Creations apart is not just their stylish designs but also their unwavering commitment to social impact.

Empowering young people and women became a cornerstone of their ethos.

By encouraging them to enter the textile industry, Tiankara Creations not only provided jobs but also fostered a spirit of entrepreneurship, aligning their efforts with the ‘Buy Kenya, Build Kenya’ concept.

Additionally, the company demonstrated a keen sense of environmental responsibility.

Through efficient waste management and recycling initiatives, they turned leftover fabric into functional items like chairs and cushions.

This dual commitment to social empowerment and environmental sustainability not only resonated with consumers but also set a standard for corporate social responsibility.

Tiankara Creations didn’t just stop at overcoming challenges; they proactively addressed them. Sourcing quality fabric at cost-effective prices was a persistent hurdle.

However, Adrienne and her team navigated this obstacle by staying ahead of the curve.

They diligently researched fabric trends, utilized social media networks, and attended trade shows, ensuring that they maintained their brand’s high standards.

Understanding their market played a pivotal role in their success.

Tiankara Creations catered to a diverse customer base, ranging from families seeking unique outfits to professionals desiring office wear and corporate clients seeking distinct, culturally rich garments.

This keen insight into their audience’s needs allowed them to create tailored designs, further solidifying their position in the market.

”One remarkable aspect of Tiankara Creations is our commitment to empowering young people and women, encouraging them to enter the textile industry,” Ms Juma told Mtaa Wangu.

Looking ahead, Tiankara Creations envisions a future of expansion and accessibility.

She Plans to open branches in different parts of the country.