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Ainea Ojiambo Advanced Military Training In Kenya And Abroad

Ainea Ojiambo is best known for his acting career but little is known about his other life as a private military contractor. On 30th April 2021, he was attacked by two thugs and was forced to discharge his gun in the ensuing scuffle. Unfortunately, the thugs got away and a stray bullet hit a security guard and a passer-by. The passer-by was rushed to the hospital but the security guard died on the spot.

The actor is a licensed gun holder and a member of International Bodyguard Association (IBA). 

IBA was founded in 1957, and is one of the oldest and largest bodyguard organizations in the world with branches in over 50 countries worldwide and 5 continents. IBA offers the following courses:

  • International bodyguard skills
  • PSD
  • Protective driving
  • Counter sniper
  • VIP yacht
  • Advanced bodyguard skills
  • International Instructors Course & Renewal.
  • Tactical firearms
  • Pan-African IBA bodyguard skills

Ojiambo has also done a course in Close protection and is trained in counter-terror at the European Security Academy. 

“I am always looking forward to going back to European Security Academy facilities in Poland for refresher courses,” he once tweeted. 

Apart from this, he holds a certificate in weapons and tactics in high risk environment. 

“I am also experienced in individual Battle Handling Tactics with the elite forces Recce Coy and NGAO Kenya,” reads his profile on LinkedIn. Recce Coy are a special paramilitary unit that are highly trained in both Kenya and abroad and can be compared to some international squads like British SAS. They are known for their efficiency in dealing with a number of very crucial hostage cases. NGAO (National Gun Owners Association) is a registered, independent, non-profit and non-political association of law abiding licensed firearm holders within the Republic of Kenya.  

You would think that all he does, but no. He is also a member of the International Police Organization (IPO) . IPO is a professional non profit and non governmental organization with national and international membership that does not pursue for profit economic goals. It is based on the ratified national and international legislation to support, assist and advise law enforcement institutions and citizens through various training and projects to be closer to the community.