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Amount Of Money KDF Troops Will Be Paid In Congo Peacekeeping Mission

In line with the United Nations policies, U.N member states voluntarily provide the military and police personnel required for U.N peacekeeping missions. As a result, the peacekeeper’s salaries first come from their governments which are later reimbursed by the U.N. at standard rates. 

This means the KDF troops to Congo will be receiving their salaries directly from the Kenyan government and later receive a reimbursement from the United Nations. Each KDF soldier will be bagging about $1,428 which is approximately Kshs. 143,000 per month. 

The United Nation is the largest contributor in peacekeeping activities currently operating about 13 U.N. peacekeeping missions worldwide. The operation incorporates more than 80,000 police, military and civilian personnel from over 100 countries. With Kenya being a key supporter of the UN peacekeeping efforts, the country has remained receptive to the requests of contributing to peace operations over the years. 

Last week, Kenya sent ahead about 200 soldiers to Congo for a peacekeeping mission with representatives from all departments of the army. This comes after President Uhuru’s visit to Congo where he signed a deal on defense cooperation to promote security, peace, and stability in the region. 

The KDF will be deployed to the eastern part of Congo to battle militias since the security in that region has been deteriorating. This is after the killing of Luca Attanasio, Italy’s Ambassador, his bodyguard, and a World Food Programme driver. 

The bilateral agreement provides an avid framework to enhance customs issues, immigration, counter terrorism, policing, and maritime and aviation security. Kenya is likely to send close to 1000 troops to Congo.