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Catherine Wanjeri: Journalist Allegedly Shot By Police During Protests Discharged From Hospital

K24 journalist Catherine Wanjeri who was shot by police during demonstrations in Nakuru has been discharged from hospital. Wanjeri's cheerful colleagues were at the hospital...
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Alfred Mutua Emotional After Visiting Police Officer Disabled During Protests

Alfred Mutua
Alfred Mutua was at Nairobi West Hospital to comfort a police officer who lost his arms during the Occupy Parliament protests. Photo: Alfred Mutua.

It was an emotional moment after Tourism Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua visited police officer injured during the Occupy Parliament protests.

The CS comforted the Police Inspector who lost both his arms and assured him of government and personal support.

Mutua in a series of photos and videos is seen looking sad and teary as he interacted with the injured officer.

David Karuri Maina is admitted to Nairobi West Hospital

“Arriving at Nairobi West Hospital to visit, Chief Inspector David Karuri Maina, the police officer who lost both his arms during the recent unlawful demonstrations in Nairobi City Centre,”

“My visit highlights the profound impact of the recent unrest on both the individuals involved and the broader community, underscoring the need for tolerance, unity and resilience in challenging times,”

“While affirming the right of Kenyans to protest, I caution against demonstrations driven by mere activism and propaganda,” Mutua said.

Meanwhile, Mutua blamed the protesters for the injury sustained by the police officer.


Mutua claimed the protests were fueled by propaganda as the Kenya Kwanza Government was peaceful and the only interest was to improve the lives of Kenyans.


“As we sit here today, Chief Inspector David Karuri Maina has lost both his arms, today he is disabled, this man is a son, a husband and a father… he has been disabled by the protesters,”

“My beautiful young people who are being driven by propaganda, look at the facts, don’t get involved in activism and violence that leads to bloodshed… That officer who lost his hands, his blood is on you,” Mutua said.

On Wednesday, the CS promised KSh 1 million to the injured police officer and added he would support him in his recovery journey.