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Allan Kipng’eno: Kabianga University Student Building A Fully Functional Helicopter From Scrap Metal

Allan Kipng’eno has impressed Kenyans with his determination to build a fully functioning helicopter. This is not the first time a Kenyan has attempted to build a plane.

With a determined spirit to try new things and passion for aviation, Allan is keen on making history by assembling a functioning helicopter. 

Maurice Gachamba, a class two drop out from Nyeri county is the first Kenyan on record to build a plane. He even managed to fly it for a few minutes before crashing and sustaining serious injuries. 

Here is his story as told by WoK

The Unveiling of Allan’s Plane 

On March 10th, 2024, Kipng’eno impressed Belgut residents in Kericho county by proudly displaying a nearly complete helicopter, with the rotors spinning, even though it did not lift off the ground.

The helicopter still needs a few finishing touches before he can declare it complete to test fly. 

The Determination and Zeal to Succeed 

Although he was pursuing Agriculture and Education, he has a deep love for the aviation industry. He started building airplanes after completing high school in 2019. 

He completed high school in 2018 and began working towards the design. He wanted to continue with the project but lacked the funds.

He has built the helicopter using scrap metal and with the limited funds has done an impeccable job. 

This is his seventh attempt at building the helicopter as the assembling process is not easy. The plane is unable to fly because he has not fitted it with the right engine. 

He believes in the validity of the project and plans to see it through even if he does not get external assistance. People called on the local government to intervene and help so that his ingenuity pays off. 

The Kabianga University Student is not the first one to attempt to build a plane in recent times with limited resources and materials.