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Justice Grace Nzioka: Career Profile Of Judge Accused Of Disrespecting Lawyers

Justice Grace Nzioka serves as the presiding judge in Naivasha. She impressed Kenyans during the rendition of justice in the Monica Kimani murder trial. The high profile case has been in the courts for about 5 years with the deceased kin fighting to get Justice. 

During the judgment that saw former Citizen TV news anchor Jackie Maribe acquitted and Jowie Irungu found guilty, Kenyans were impressed by the judge. 

Her ability to simplify the case and the reasons for her judgment impressed many. Rather than resort to complex legal jargon, she made it easy for everyone to understand her and follow the proceedings.

Here is her career journey as told by WoK,


While her upbringing and education is not in the public domain, the judge has served for years as a judicial officer and risen to become a high court judge.

She has served in various divisions including the commercial and criminal divisions. A powerful advocate for the rights of the disadvantaged in society, she emphasized in November 2023, the need for a child protection unit at various stations to minimize backlog in cases involving minors. 

Justice Nzioka was involved in the Ksh1.6 billion case involving former Cabinet Secretary Raphael Tuju. She recursed herself and directed that the matter be mentioned before the presiding judge of the commercial division. She also headed the commission of inquiry into the Tana Delta crisis. 

Robbery and Accusations 

In 2013, she was carjacked and kidnapped in her Karen home. It was reported that she was driving into her compound when five armed men took her hostage.

She was taken to her home where the robbers stole documents and electronics including a laptop.

It reported that the men took her and her husband hostage and drove to Dagoretti and withdrew Ksh40,000 from their ATM accounts.

They then abandoned them in Kangemi. The investigating police officers wanted to know why the bodyguards were unarmed and if it was related to any of her cases.

The same year, she was accused of disrespecting advocates appearing before her and operating in an unbecoming style and conduct, hence affecting the dispensation of justice to the public. 

Fearlessness and why the death sentence 

The judge says she does not fear anything and walks confidently even after delivering judgement. She told KTN that she doesn’t fear as she does her work in the right manner.

“Sijahofia hata siku moja, hata siku moja tena natembea kama raia, nataka kuisema wazi kwa sababu kama unafanya kazi yako na kuiamini hamna mtu umedhuklumu kwa kutaka kudhulumu sioni haja gani kuogopa kuwa raia,” she said during an interview with KTN.

The judge said she handed Jowie the death sentence is legal and that life imprisonment means thirty years plus remission.

This means one may only spend about 20 years in prison and be free. She said that while sentencing him, she took into account issues of human rights as spelt out in Article 26 of the constitution which states a person’s life should not be deprived.