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Allan Makana: Inside The Troubled Life Of Kibaki’s Self-Proclaimed ‘Distant Grandson’

In summary 

  • Allan Makana was raised in Bungoma, and is a last born in a family of 8. His father passed away in 2010.
  • He has distanced himself from clout-chasing, saying he had high regards for the former president and was overwhelmed with emotions.

Allan Makana, a middle aged man who declared himself Kibaki’s ‘distant grandchild’ grabbed headlines when he caused drama at parliament buildings in Nairobi. His pink hoodie and checked trousers served as a perfect costume as he wailed loudly prompting security officers to handcuff him and whisk him away from the site.

In an interview with an online segment called Eastern TV, Makana said he wasn’t after chasing clout as he had been overwhelmed with emotions.

It was from my heart and I used to love him because of his commendable work. I knew him in 2002,” he said.

Makana was locked in parliament cells and later transferred to Central Police Station where he spent a night. According to him, he was supposed to be charged with causing disturbance but was released without being presented to the court.

Allan detailed that the police officers were suspicious that he could do the unimaginable had he been allowed to view Kibaki’s body.

I had never met Kibaki but I had been looking for him. When I heard of his death, I saw it as an opportunity to meet him,” he said.

During a requiem mass held at Nyayo National Stadium, Makana would cause another commotion when he disrupted the event, asking to address the congregation. Archbishop Anthony Muheria comforted him by embracing him as he was yet again arrested.

He is the son of our nation who is emotional at the loss of a president, treat him well,” Muheria said.

Nicknamed Kibaki’s grandson due to his bald 

According to Makana, he moved and settled in Nairobi’s Pipeline Estate in 2016 and was nicknamed Kibaki’s grandson by his friends. Makana says his friends christened him so because of his apparent resemblance to Kibaki and his bald head.

Allan Makana in an interview with Eastern TV


Makana hails from Marakaru, a small trading centre that is just a stone throw away from Kibabii University in Bungoma County. His mother, a widow has since spoken out after she heard of the son’s ordeal.

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According to the mother, Concephetar Makana, her son was brought up in a poor background especially after she was widowed in 2010 leaving her a sole breadwinner. She detailed how she struggled and waited long to have electricity connected to her home. The mother said that Makana left Bungoma to look for a job in Nairobi in 2016 and only came back once, in 2018.

My son left home in 2016 after completing his secondary education in 2015 at Sikusi boys high school, he told me that he is going to look for a job,” said Concephetar as quoted by the Star.


The man who has dominated banter on social media platforms scored a mean grade of C+ ( plus) in high school.

Acting Job 

The family also said that Makana had been a participant in the drama festivals since primary school. He went on to land a job with Pome Africa Productions which is involved in presenting high school set books.

There is a big question as to whether Makana is still in the art industry as he said he currently does a normal job; ‘kwa Muhindi.’ His family is pleading with the state to forgive him and set him free.

I take this humble chance to ask the government to forgive our son and release him from the cell,” said his uncle Charles Ndumba.

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