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Alma Mutheu: Education, Content Creation And Making Millions On Tik Tok

Tik Tok has given rise to celebrity influencers dominating the social media space. Alma Mutheu was among the first people to begin posting videos on Tik Tok while it was still called Musically.

Today she has over 700k subscribers with her videos having garnered over 15 million likes. She has worked with a number of brands and made good money from her content. Àlma credits God to her success. 

Here is her story as told by WoK.  

Background and Education 

The first born in a family of two was a student at Carmel Girls High School. At the school, she loved drama and got involved in acting.

Later, she joined university to study English Literature but deferred for a while in order to concentrate on content creation.

Initially, her mother was not for the idea. She was against the daughter exposing herself on social media.

However, Alma Mutheu had made the decision and was not willing to back out. With time, she accepted her decision. 

Content creation 

Mutheu started posting content in 2019. She started by acting videos then followed it up with lip syncing videos.

Initially she did not have any sophisticated equipment. She would place the phone on the window and take advantage of natural lighting. The Tik Toker made a lot of videos since she was trying to build traction. 

One of her videos that went viral was her lip syncing to Khaligraph Jones’ Yes Bana

“I like acting, so I started doing acting content and pole pole tu lip-synch videos, and it was one video that blew up. It was a lip-synching video of Khaligraph Jones’ song ‘yes bana’,” she said in a previous interview with Oga Obinna

The OG was impressed and went on to repost her on his socials. She continued making videos and eventually opened a YouTube channel.

Her channel has over 300 videos with more than 180k subscribers. Her videos on YouTube are all about entertainment with her most popular content being the Kiss or Diss videos.

According to the Tik Toker, she has made over Sh2 million from Tik Tok as of 2022. 

Age controversy 

Alma stirred up an online debate after saying she was 16-years-old in 2022. Although she said it jokingly, some took it literally and made a lot of nasty comments.

Alma, who is in her twenties, did not bother to address the comments and shrugged them off.