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Amount Of Money Kenyan Celebrities Charge To Advertise On Their Pages

Social media has created a haven for Kenyan youths and celebrities looking to make a living off the internet. Through advertising in the name of brand endorsements to campaigns, these individuals charge a fee to showcase products to their fans.

Almost all, if not every Kenyan celebrity, is currently leveraging their huge social media following to bag endorsement deals with both local and foreign brands. By sharing images, videos among other content from advertisers, they bag hundreds of thousands to millions of shillings.

In the recent past, a number of Kenyan celebrities have come out to reveal how much they charge per post on their social media platforms for anyone interested in doing business with them.

In this article, WoK takes a look at how much some of the local celebrities charge per post.

However, our editorial team could not ascertain the fee charged by some of the top celebrities, and therefore, will share a list of them and the size of their following as honourable mentions.

Lulu Hassan

The celebrated journalist is among the most followed Kenyans on social media, boasting in excess of 1.3 million followers on Instagram alone.

The Citizen TV Nipashe Wikendi news anchor has some of the most dedicated followers in the Kenyan space and enjoys some of the highest engagement.

While celebrating her birthday in April 2022, Lulu revealed how much she charges to advertise on her page, shocking her fans with the cheap rate.

“5k per post per photo for 24 hours,” she replied to a query from a fan.

Azziad Nasenya

The Kenyan TikTok queen left Kenyans in awe after she revealed her advertisement rates. Compared to Lulu, Nasenya charges highly since social media has been her bread and butter.

She charges Ksh100,000 for a video on her Instagram feed, Ksh50,000 for an InstaStory and a similar amount for advertising on her Instagram Live.

Azziad revealed that she charges Ksh50,000 per tweet, Ksh100,000 per post on Facebook, Ksh 50,000 for a placement ad, and Ksh 30,000 to be in her mentions. She charges Ksh100,000 for a video on YouTube, Ksh 50,000 for placement, and Ksh30,000 for mentions.

She has a “Weekly brand engagement package” that costs Ksh250,000 and involves – 1 TikTok video, 1 Tweet, 1 Instagram post, 1 InstaStory and 1 FB post. She also has a “Monthly brand engagement package” which costs Ksh500,000 and includes – 2 TikTok videos, 2 tweets, 3 IG posts, 4 Instastories and 2 Facebook posts.

Caroline Mutuku

The veteran media personality is easily among Kenya’s leading social media influencers.

The former Kiss FM presenter boasts over 444,000 followers on Instagram, 680,000 on Twitter and 1.2 million on Facebook which makes her a perfect target for brands looking to advertise.

TerryAnne Chebet

She has been a longtime brand ambassador for molfix, one of the world’s largest branded diaper companies in the world.

Chebet has also been a brand ambassador for Crown Paints among several others.

She boasts over 719,000 followers on Instagram, 177,000 on Facebook and 552,000 on Twitter.

Timothy Kimani

Popularly known as Njugush, the former Real Househelps of Kawangware has made moves in the world of social media influencing. In 2020, he was named the Africa Digital Influencer of the year during the 2020 Africa Digital Awards.

The comedian beat 4 different nominees across the continent. He managed to topple off elite content creators among them Kwadwo Sheldoh from Ghana, Lasizwe from South Africa, Linda Ikeji from Nigeria and Edith Yoh from Cote D’ivoire.

Njugush boasts over 1.8 million followers on Instagram and 1.1 million followers on Facebook.

Catherine Kamau (Kate Actress)

The actress has built herself a name in the marketing industry over the years, having been a longtime brand ambassador for Harpic and Nice & Lovely petroleum jelly.

With over 500k followers on Facebook and 1.8 million followers on Instagram, Kate easily ranks among the top-flight digital marketers in the country.

Eric Omondi

The self-declared African king of comedy is among the most influential Kenyans, boasting millions of followers across social media platforms. For this kind of following, Omondi is a target advertiser for several brands, both local and foreign.

He has over 4 million followers on Instagram.