Amount Of Money Real Househelps Of Kawangware Actors Are Paid Per Episode

The Real Househelps Of Kawangware (TRHK) is one of the most popular local productions in Kenya. The show follows the life of househelps and their bosses in the sprawling Kawangware neighbourhood. 

TRHK has been a launching pad for big names in the entertainment industry like Timothy Kimani-popularly known as Njugush, Stephen Oduor Dede (DJ Shiti), Abel Mutua among many others. 

Another notable actor who is making all the right moves away from TRHK is Dedan Juma who played Zeze on the Pepeta series on Showmax

How they made on TRHK

Asked by Kam Tubonge Podcast show hosts how much they were paid on TRHK, Zeze stated that each actor made Ksh4,000 per episode. 

If an actor is lucky to be in three scenes, he gets Ksh7,000. The highest an actor can make not more than Ksh28,000 per month.

The amount was inclusive of all expenses. 

Dedan has grown in stature as an actor who played minor roles in THRK to one of the most bankable actors in Kenya. While he played a police officer in the comedy series, he took the role of the bad guy in the Pepeta series. 

Growing up, the actor was lured in the world of crime and drugs. In a separate story published on WoK, he recalls how his mother took him to church every Sunday where he got a different perspective on life. 

“My mother always showed me the importance of going to church and making the right decisions. On Sundays, she would take me to church and I would see a different side of life,” he shared.