Kaberia Bariu: Entrepreneur Who Quit His Banking Job To Strike Gold In Business Training Consultancy

At the age of 27, Kaberia Bariu made the audacious decision to quit his job at KCB Foundation and embark on a journey to start his own business.

Little did he know that this bold step would lead to the creation of SetPace Consultancy Limited, a thriving enterprise that provides valuable services to both local and international organizations.

Here is his story as told by WoK.

The Leap of Faith

For many, the notion of leaving a stable job at a bank to venture into the unpredictable world of corporate training and team building might seem like a far-fetched dream.

Bariu’s family and friends thought he was mad for taking such a risk. But he was undeterred by the skeptics and remained resolute in his decision to start SetPace Consultancy.

His inspiration came from his experiences while working at KCB Foundation.

“After completing my bachelor’s degree in actuarial science at Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University, I was immediately employed by KCB Foundation. They were starting a program called 2jiajiri that aimed to assist young people in becoming self-employed,”  Bariu recalled during an Interview with the Business Daiy.

He served as the regional manager for 2jiajiri’s business development services, overseeing operations in five counties.

His primary role involved helping young individuals acquire the necessary skills to establish their own businesses.

It was during this time, as he traveled across different counties and interacted with aspiring entrepreneurs, that he began to see the gaps and challenges faced by these businesses.

Identifying Market Gaps

Bariu encountered three distinct types of entrepreneurs during his tenure at KCB Foundation.

The first type consisted of individuals with brilliant ideas but lacked the financial resources or capital to turn those ideas into reality.

The second type had the financial means but struggled to generate viable business ideas. Lastly, the third type of entrepreneur possessed both the financial resources and good business ideas but faced difficulties in running and managing their businesses profitably.

“The third entrepreneur is at a poorer state than the other two,” remarks Bariu.

Despite appearing successful from the outside, many of these businesses grappled with internal issues such as tax obligations, accounting oversights, and inefficient profit-making strategies.

Seizing the Opportunity

Recognizing the potential for business consultancy in addressing these challenges, Bariu decided to start SetPace Consultancy Limited.

While he was aware that the consultancy market was already saturated with firms targeting large corporations, he took a different approach.

He set his sights on catering to micro and small income businesses, although he also worked with established companies.

Before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship, Bariu conducted extensive market research.

This meticulous approach allowed him to tailor his services to meet the specific needs of his target audience.

SetPace Consultancy’s services include business training, business advisory, registration assistance, business plan formulation and mentorship programs.

Starting Small, Scaling Up

With a modest capital of Ksh100,000, Bariu established SetPace Consultancy.

This initial investment covered essential expenses such as company registration, the purchase of a laptop, and branding. The decision to start small and gradually scale up proved to be a prudent one.

One of the factors that set SetPace Consultancy apart from the competition is its commitment to providing practical and engaging training sessions.

By creating a learning environment that is both enjoyable and relevant, the company has succeeded in establishing a strong connection with its clients.

Aggressive Marketing and Research

A significant part of SetPace Consultancy’s success can be attributed to its aggressive marketing strategies and thorough market research.

These efforts have enabled the company to reach a broader audience and secure contracts with prestigious organizations such as the United Nations, Transparency International, and others.

Through SetPace Consultancy, Bariu not only assists organizations in enhancing their human capital but also creates job opportunities for trainers and support staff.

This has a positive ripple effect on the local job market and underscores the company’s commitment to community development.

As of today, SetPace Consultancy is thriving, showcasing substantial growth since its inception.

Kaberia Bariu has come a long way from his days working at KCB Foundation, and his success in entrepreneurship speaks volumes about his journey