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Anne Njeri Njoroge: Petroleum Billionaire Is A Form One Drop Out

Little was known about Anne Njeri Njoroge until she was entangled in the fiasco that is the ownership of the Ksh17 billion diesel shipment. 

Interestingly, her mother, Pauline Wanjiru Njoroge, was not aware how rich her daughter is until she recently made headlines. According to the Nation, her mother has not seen her daughter for six years now.

So who is Anne Njeri Njoroge?

Ms Njeri is the first born in a family of four. Her mother is Pauline Wanjiru while her father passed away. According to the billionaire mother, she was not aware her daughter was well off. 

“We normally talk on the phone when necessary; I have been praying that one day she will visit me. The last time she was here was more than five years ago”, she told the Daily Nation.

Almost six years now. She tells me that she has been very busy and I stopped asking her when she will come to visit me,” the 71 year old added. 

Her mother lives in a modest two bedroomed wooden house in at Kianjege village in Githiga location, Githunguri constituency, Kiambu county

Anne Njeri Family

The businesswoman is a mother of five. Her marriage did not work out.  


Ms Njeri did not go far with her education. She dropped out of school at Form 1. Her mother, however, added that she was aggressive. 

“Njeri was not good with books. What I know is that she is aggressive and a go-getter, and someone who loves a quiet life,” Ms Wanjiru said.

Supporting her mother

With the kind of money she claims to have, many would think that her mother lives like a queen. Even without much support from her daughter, she remains diplomatic when asked by the media if she receives any financial help,

“To answer your question on whether she supports me financially or not, I would say she helps where she can and I have nothing personal about her”, she said.

It is her money and I don’t even know whether she is rich or not. What I know is that she tells me she runs businesses in Dubai and Kenya but I cannot tell exactly what she does for a living,” Ms Wanjiru said.