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Apostle Dr. Joe Kayo: From Attempting Suicide To Founding Deliverance Church 

  • Apostle Dr. Joe Kayo died on 2nd November while undergoing treatment at the Nairobi Hospital.
  • This profile was published before his death

Apostle Dr. Joe Kayo is the founder of Deliverance Church Kenya and Uganda, Juba Pentecostal Church and helped establish Family of God Churches of Zimbabwe.

He is the founder of Joe Kayo Ministries and the author of several books including: The Marvel of God’s Grace, The Power of the Blood of Christ, God’s Pattern for Daily Living, The Eagle Saint, Knowing the Name of the Lord, and The Lion Has Prevailed.

Since receiving Christ, he has impacted the lives of many around the continent. His success today is a far cry from where he was born and raised. 

Here is his story of Apostle Dr. Joe Kayo as told by WoK


He was born on 5th May 1937 in Nyamira to parents who were very poor. At the age of 12, he lost his mother and dropped out of school in class 6.

Life was very difficult and his future looked bleak. The challenges and uncertainty of the future drove him to attempt suicide three times. When this failed, he turned to a life of crime. 

Turning Point 

In February 1957, he became very ill and was admitted to a hospital in Mombasa. His situation was critical and medical practitioners saw no hope of him surviving.

A couple of nurses took him to a crusade by T.L Osborn and left him there to die. He listened to the word, received Christ and was healed.

After two weeks, he said that he was baptized by the holy spirit and God told him to go and tell the world. 

In 1957, he established Joe Kayo Ministries and three years later had two branches in Kilifi and Mombasa. 

On 3rd June 1961, he married his wife Rose with whom he has three sons. 

He traveled to the US and registered Joe Kayo Ministries International before returning to Kenya and reviving the Church of the Spirit and Truth. 

Today, he continues to preach the world both in church and through online platforms. Deliverance Church has grown into a big spiritual organization with branches spread across different parts of the country.


After moving to the United States, he settled in Seattle and studied at the University of Biblical Studies in Oklahoma. Faith Bible College in Lagos helped him get a THD and PHD, and Ireland’s European Bible Seminary gave him a D.LITT for his writing and teaching. 

The Esther Mallet International Christian University of California gave him an honorary D.D Degree.