Michael Mutua: Man Behind The Success Of Fast-Growing Bristol Park Hospital

Michael Mutua: Man Behind The Success Of Fast-Growing Bristol Park Hospital
Michael Mutua, Executive Director and Chairman, Bristol Park Hospital. |Courtesy| Bristol Park Hospital|

Michael Mutua is the Executive Director at Bristol Park Hospital and the Chairperson of the Bristol Park Group of Hospitals. He has served at the helm of the hospital for over seven years now.

Bristol Park Hospital is a level 4 medical facility that was founded in 2008 in Tassia, Embakasi East, Nairobi County. The facility was established with the aim of offering quality and affordable healthcare services in the Eastlands area of Nairobi.

During a past interview that aired on Bristol Park Hospital’s official YouTube channel, Mutua explained that the needs of the local people within the Eastlands region of Nairobi informed the decision to set up a hospital in the area.

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“When we opened up we looked at the kind of needs that were in this general area, you, the kind of people that live around here. 

“We used to have huge traffic jams on Outering Road and I couldn’t imagine what it used to take to manage emergencies in Eastlands and we personally committed ourselves to ensuring that our services will be available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year,” Mutua explained.

Michael Mutua: Man Behind The Success Of Fast-Growing Bristol Park Hospital
Bristol Park Hospital Fedha branch. |Courtesy| Bristol Park Hospital Facebook|

He noted that the lows of the business is when he sees a dissatisfied client. He highly values positive recommendations and feedback from clients, and ensures they work round the clock to ensure they fully cover the needs of clients.

In the next 10 years, Mutua sees Bristol Park being one of the leading health researchers and care providers not only in Eastlands but also across the country. He notes that the company is looking to lock in strategic partnerships with like-minded corporates.

“We want to be that world-class healthcare service provider in the entire African continent. In 10 years, it is doable and achievable,” he says.


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Since its inception, Bristol Park Hospital has provided excellent healthcare solutions to Kenyans in and outside Nairobi; providing people with access to high-quality, affordable and dependable healthcare services.

Bristol Park boasts a medical team comprising of Nurses, Lab Technologists, Radiologists, Dentists, Pharmacists, General Practitioners and Specialist Doctors.

The hospital has the following main strategic business units: Outpatient, Inpatient, Pharmacy, Laboratory, Dental Care, X-ray, Ultrasound, Maternity, Immunization, Dialysis, Theatre, ICU, HDU and Ambulance services.


The hospital has since grown to operate three other branches in Nairobi and Machakos Counties.

Mutua notes that the company does not just open branches anywhere without assessing the needs of the local people.

He reveals that the main branch in Tassia came up first in Tassia in 2008 with the two others in Utawala established three years later. The Fedha branch was built in 2018.

“Across our branches, we make every effort to assist our patients in diagnosis and delivery of spruced medical solutions, provide care that matches their expectations upon comprehending their healthcare needs; and help them maintain their good health,” the hospital website reads in part.

Bristol Park – Tassia

The HQ branch is located within Tassia Estate in Southern Eastern Nairobi, behind Tassia School, at the junction of Outering Road, Tassia – Fedha estates.

Motorists can access us through the junction at the Pinez restaurant opposite Avenue Park II Estate, or through the Fedha- Tassia road next to East Gate Preparatory School. By foot, one can access us easily through the footpath from Outering road into Tassia Estate at the Avenue Park I stage/at Bidii Market.

Bristol Park – Utawala

Utawala branch is 24 hours operational, including public holidays and weekends. This branch is located along the Eastern Bypass between the Administration Police Training Unit (APTU) and the junction-off into Utawala-Githunguri. It is located right opposite Maguna supermarket.

Bristol Park – Fedha

This is an Ultra-modern level 4 facility, located at Fedha Estate along Fedha Road. The hospital branch operates 24 hours a day including public holidays and weekends. It offers all services.

Bristol Park – Machakos

This is an ultramodern level 4 facility. The hospital branch operates 24 hours a day including public holidays and weekends. The hospital branch is located at Sartaj building, at junction off Kangundo road and Nairobi Road, opposite Susu centre.

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