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From Wajir County To The World: Rise Of Ayub Abdikadir From Humble Beginnings To Top Journalist

In this article, WoK delves into Ayub Abdikadir’s inspiring story, starting from his humble beginnings in the dusty football fields of Wajir to reaching enviable career heights as a respected journalist at Kenya’s most-watched television station, Citizen TV.

A Childhood Shaped by Passion

Ayub Abdikadir’s spent his childhood in Wajir county. He attended Wajir Primary School and later Wajir High School, from where he nurtured his communication skills and developed a keen sense of curiosity—a natural “nose for news.”

A Passion Ignited

Ayub’s desire to work in the media industry was ignited during his early years and grew stronger as he left Wajir to pursue his dreams in Nairobi. His family’s affinity for listening to BBC World Service, including his 85-year-old grandfather, played a pivotal role in shaping his passion for journalism.

Education Background and Financial Struggles

Ayub studied at Mount Kenya University, where he pursued a Bachelor’s degree in communication and journalism.

He faced financial hardships as a self-sponsored student. Balancing his studies with a side hustle, he worked tirelessly to support himself.

With the help of an anonymous Cabinet Secretary, Ayub overcame financial obstacles and successfully completed his education.

The Journey to Career Success

Ayub’s determination and unwavering commitment led him to secure an internship opportunity at Ebru TV, followed by a position at K24 TV, where he found the perfect platform to exercise his craft.

Throughout his journey, he faced numerous challenges and made sacrifices, foregoing luxuries to pursue his passion for journalism. Ayub’s dedication did not go unnoticed, as his contributions were recognized by managers who promoted him to host a morning show while he was still serving as an intern.

Triumph and Recognition

Ayub’s exceptional skills as a journalist came to the forefront during the August 2022 General Election.

His relentless pursuit of answers from election officials garnered him a multitude of fans. The journalist memorable contributions to the 2022 Presidential Debate solidified his reputation and opened doors for him at Citizen TV, the most-watched television station in Kenya.

A Bright Future Ahead

Since joining Citizen TV on August 5, 2022, Ayub Abdikadir has remained devoted to delivering quality journalism to the audience he holds dear.

Recognized for his talent, professionalism, and depth of research, he has earned the admiration and praise of his peers and viewers alike.

Abdikadir’s Fiery Interview with Hard-hitting Questions to President Ruto

Abdikadir astounded Kenyans with his journalistic prowess as he fearlessly confronted Ruto with tough and direct questions.

Viewers couldn’t help but marvel at his interviewing skills, as some of his inquiries left even the commander-in-chief momentarily speechless. However, Ruto’s quick thinking allowed him to navigate through the challenging queries in his own unique way. 

Following the intense interview, the two influential figures shared a lighthearted moment and posed for a photo together, which Abdikadir later posted on Twitter with the caption, “Aftermath.” The encounter between the former K24 journalist and William Ruto continues to generate buzz and intrigue.

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