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Edday Nderitu Biography: A Journey Of Love, Challenges, And Relocation, Story Of Samidoh’s Wife

Edday Nderitu, a Kenyan businesswoman, influencer, and CEO of Shirmic Limited Company, has captured the attention of the public due to her relationship with Mugithi artist Samuel Muchoki, also known as Samidoh.

Their love story has been filled with ups and downs, including a well-publicized cheating scandal. However, her strength and commitment to her family have prevailed, leading to forgiveness and a renewed sense of determination.

WoK delves deeper into the life of Edday Nderitu, a woman who has weathered storms and emerged stronger than ever.

Early Life and Career

She was born on May 22, 1992, in Kenya, East Africa. Details about her educational background and qualifications remain unverifiable. As a successful businesswoman, she has made a name for herself as the CEO of Shirmic Limited Company, specializing in home furnishings and culinary items.

Love, Family And The Love Triangle With Karen Nyamu

The 31 year old life took a significant turn when she married Samuel Muchoki, popularly known as Samidoh, a renowned Mugithi artist. The couple has been together for over a decade and share three beautiful children.

However, their relationship faced a tremendous challenge when news of Samidoh’s infidelity with Karen Nyamu, a veteran Nairobi-based politician, surfaced. The incident shook their marriage, leaving many to speculate about its potential dissolution.

Challenges Faced

Edday Nderitu has been candid about the hardships she endured during the past three years of her relationship with Samidoh. Despite facing disrespect, humiliation, and public scrutiny, she remained loyal and steadfast in her commitment to her husband and family.

The revelation of the affair tested her resilience and commitment to the marriage, but Edday chose to confront the issues head-on and seek resolution.


In the face of adversity, she exhibited remarkable strength and forgiveness. She decided to forgive Samidoh for his transgressions and work towards rebuilding their relationship.

The couple has chosen to address their problems privately, focusing on healing and rediscovering the love and trust they once shared.

A Strong Support System

Throughout their journey, she has been surrounded by friends who have offered unwavering support and encouragement. Despite the comments and opinions circulating on social media, Edday has remained devoted to her family and has chosen to rise above the noise.

Where Is She Now?

Currently residing in the US with their children, she stated that she is enjoying the best moments of her life and has no plans to return home anytime soon.

Fans and followers continue to express their opinions on the matter, with some advocating for reconciliation while others support Edday’s decision to prioritize her children’s well-being.

Not Coming Back to Kenya

She made it clear that she has no intention of reconciling with her husband.

During a Facebook interaction with a concerned fan, Edday referred the fan to a previous post where she openly shared her reservations about raising their children in a polygamous setting. She expressed her belief that it would not be in the best interest of their kids.

Edday Nderitu Fans Begging Her to Come Back Home

In a recent turn of events, US-based content creator Sue Gacambi has come to the defense of Edday Nderitu, the wife of Samidoh, prompting fans of the musician’s wife to plead for her return to Kenya.

Gacambi, known for her bold statements, called out Karen Nyamu, Samidoh’s baby mama, and advised her to stay in her lane, reminding her that she would forever be known as the singer’s side chick.

This fierce defense of Edday by Gacambi has left fans yearning for Edday’s presence back home, as they believe she now has someone who can protect her against scathing attacks from Nyamu.

However, Edday had previously shared her stance on returning to Kenya, stating that she would not be coming back soon. Nevertheless, the support and love from her fans continue to pour in, urging her to come back and reunite with her husband and children in Kenya.