Azym Dossa: The Man Who Owns The Popular Easy Coach Buses

Azym Dossa: The Man Who Owns The Popular Easy Coach Buses
Azym Dossa And The Popular Easy Coach Buses Photo/Courtesy

By Isaac Blessings 

Easy coach is one of the most popular and highly trusted long distance travel companies in the country especially for travellers going to Western and Nyanza regions. Despite the industry being overcrowded by different Sacco and buses, Easy Coach has stood the test of time and proved that it is here to stay.

In this article, WoK goes behind the scenes to bring you the story of Azym Dossa – the man behind the success of Easy Coach buses.

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Who is Azym Dossa?

Azym Dossa is a renowned Kenyan Indian Entrepreneur and businessman based in Nairobi. He is the founder and Managing Director (MD) of Easy Coach Company which owns the popular Easy Coach buses. He is married to Dilu Dossa and they have been together for more than 15 years.

Azym Dossa: The Man Who Owns The Popular Easy Coach Buses
Azym Dossa And His Wife Dilu Dossa Photo/TheStar

Establishing Easy Coach

After working for a leading passenger transport company as the Chief Financial Officer for over 17 years, Azym decided to quit the job and strike a new path in the business world. Armed with the vast experience in the transport sector, Azym decided to introduce his own company with the aim of improving the sector to meet the customer needs and satisfaction. While speaking during an exclusive interview with Africa outlook magazine, Azym revealed that they came up with a new strategy that helped them succeed in the overcrowded industry.

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“The service providers existing then were, although acceptable, not up to the mark. We went on to establish a company with a different concept and to create a perception of the new kid on the block, delivering what the customers deserved and should have. Of course, travelers grabbed the concept and the company picked up. We created a niche, more premium market for ourselves, and the rest is history,” Azym explained during the exclusive interview.

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The Success of Easy Coach

Over 19 years later, the company has grown to become one of the leading and most trusted long distance travel company in the country. The company currently owns over 150 buses and transports both people and parcels to over 37 destinations spread across Nyanza, North Rift and Western regions. The company also transports passengers from Nairobi all the way to Kampala, Uganda. It transports over 1.2 million passengers and 1.3 million parcels annually creating job opportunities for over 1,000 people. In 2019, Easy Coach was the first and only bus company to be in the prestigious Club 101 and was named by the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) as the top tax compliant company in the transportation industry. The company has also in the past received a super brand status from KPMG – a global professional services and auditing giant.

But how has Easy Coach been able to attract loyal customers?

During a past interview with a local daily, Azym Dossa who is the founder and Managing Director (MD) of Easy Coach Company revealed that security of their clients is the most important principle.

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“Customers would love to travel with a bus that guarantees them their safety. And for us as Easy coach, security is our major concern. We encourage staff training and carry out at least two in-house sessions annually and all our drivers undergo refresher courses on a daily basis. Additionally, we afford time off to our staff that have joined colleges and institutions of higher learning to further their skills,” Azym explained.

The company buses are fitted with speed restrictors, safety belts and high-quality tyres which are inspected on a daily basis. Easy coach was also the first company to develop an online interactive app that enables customers to register any feedback on drivers and driving habits. The feedback is usually responded to and action taken within 24 hours. The company maintains a strict eight hours of driving for all drivers to avoid fatigue which is one of the major causes of accidents in the country.

Philanthropic Acts

Apart from being a business oriented person, Mr Azym is also passionate about helping the less fortunate in the society. Through Easy Coach, Azym supports underprivileged children by providing free transport to children’s homes who want to move the children from one point to another. He also assists Rotary and Lions charities by offering financial and logistical support to various pop-up eye clinics. He also donates free reflector jackets to BodaBoda riders in order to enhance their safety in the Kenyan roads.

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