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Baba Talisha: The Man Who Stood With Brian Chira, His Journey To Becoming Popular Tik Toker

Faustine Lipuku Lukale, alias Baba Talisha, made headlines after losing his wife in a tragic accident along Thika Superhighway. Through sharing his grief and helping others undergoing the same, he built himself a name of Tik Tok.

Here is his story as told by WoK,


The content creator is a professional photographer and Tik Toker. He is one of the most popular Kenyans on the platform and has always been known for sharing uplifting content and trying to help others. He also sells merchandise which he markets through social media.

Death of wife

The 28-year-old was married to Milka and the couple was blessed with a daughter named Talisha. In 2020, he was having a routine day with his family. They had even had a family photo shoot and were driving to see a client when he hit a stationary vehicle.

When he regained consciousness, he found his wife and daughter out of the car with his daughter laying beside her deceased mother.

Most motorists passing by took pictures rather than assist the family. A good Samaritan helped take his daughter to hospital while his wife was taken to the Kenyatta University mortuary.

Talisha would end up spending nearly a month in ICU and another month recovering in the ward. During this time, Ndindi Nyoro highlighted his plight and helped rally Kenyans who raised over Sh1 million within a short time to help offset the medical bills.

Hate comments and helping others

Baba T gained fame sharing his grief online and posting moments with his daughter. However, a section of Kenyans felt he was using his grief to make money while others accused him of having sacrificed his wife in order to enjoy a comfortable life.

Despite this, he pushed through and even came through for another man who had lost his wife. He also had to work hard to take care of his daughter who developed an issue with her eye due to the accident.

Previously, Baba T tried to help fallen Tik Toker Brian Chira. He is quoted saying he was disappointed with how the deceased content creator was handling his life. Faustine said he had invested a lot to help Chira set up a nail spa in Town but all that was futile.

“I have been wasting my time every day trying to take him to town, advising him to even start a podcast, and buying him Sh46,000 equipment. Found him a place to start his nail spa at Tea Room with a full set up, but nothing. He has just destroyed his life in seconds,” Baba Talisha said in September 2023.

However, he seemed to have put these sentiments aside as he has been at the forefront of helping Chira’s grandmother cope with the loss of her grandson.